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PPC Advertising on Google Ads allows businesses to put their products & services in front of people who are actively searching for them. With the right PPC Campaign strategy you’ll be able to display your ads to prospects when they’re ready to convert or buy. We achieve this time and time again by working closely with our clients to create high performing, results driven campaigns focused on delivering good quality leads and conversions, not just clicks!

So if you’re a company based in Agency and you’re looking to promote your products or services online, don’t be shy if you’re confused about what PPC is and how it works. This is something we hear all the time, but have no fear! Finsbury Media are experts in Pay-Per-Click Advertising, we can help you capture more leads, drive sales and achieve more conversions.

Every successful business recognises the benefits of sending highly targeted traffic to your site using Google Ads. So don’t get left behind whilst your competitors capitalise on the opportunities of running a Pay-Per-Click Campaign.

PPC Campaigns

Google PPC is unique in that you only pay when your prospective clients ‘click’ on your ad based on ‘keywords’ and ‘locations.’

This targeted advertising really works when done correctly.

However PPC is not a magic bullet – you need a PPC consultant that really understands the technical aspects of Google Ads, the complexities of search, and how to maximise returns.

Our PPC Management service is one of our core services, and can transform your marketing. We advise on what you need to do to have a profitable PPC campaign, and using our consultants experience you can see great success.


Partner with Finsbury Media a Premier Google Adwords Agency

Using Finsbury Media’s CLO Technology continuously improves ppc campaign results ensuring you get the best possible results from your Google adwords campaigns.

Get the results that matter to you

Get relevant traffic to your website from people who are looking for your services or products
Increase customer calls by linking the call you receive to a keyword. This valuable data will allow you to bid higher on keywords that delivery calls vs the ones that just deliver clicks
Get more online conversions including form submits and checkout purchases
With our advanced platform you can track your entire Return On Investment.

Finsbury Media Is One Of Google‘s Top Performing Agencies

Google Ads Agency Agency

We are different. We are a performance agency. We use our own tech. We are known as THE PPC agency in Agency , and if you are considering spending money on your digital marketing you definitely need to talk to us.

OK – you manage your own PPC in Agency , or use an agency. You think it’s working – but are you really sure? How do you know its been set up correctly? How do you know that you’re not wasting your budget on irrelevant or expensive keywords? It’s a minefield – we get it.

Finsbury Media – the Agency PPC agency

Your Adwords Consultants

Whether you’ve built a campaign yourself, of have someone managing it for you – you will have all the answers you need.

If you manage your own PPC in Agency , or use an agency. You think it’s working – but are you really sure? How do you know its been set up correctly? How do you know that you’re not wasting your budget on irrelevant or expensive keywords? It’s a minefield – we get it this is why we will give you a free Google Adwords audit

Pay Per Click (PPC) Success and AdWords Management

Get access to a Google Premier PPC agency in Agency

You’ve heard of the rest – now try the best.

Finsbury Media are one of the fastest growing Google Premier PPC Agencies – based in our HQ in Agency we use technology to track and optimise our clients PPC campaigns.

Using our unique CLO technology and easy to access platform you will be amazed at the transparency and easy to see results our PPC campaigns deliver.

Stop wasting time with campaigns that are burning your budget – contact us today for a chat.











Google AdWords Experts

Google AdWords Experts – Finsbury Media

Being a Google Premier Partner is a badge of authority. It gives confidence you are working with our team exceptional Google Ad expertise. The accreditation shows we meet higher Google Ad spending requirements, deliver client revenue growth targets, and sustained and expand our client base.

We will establish the goals of the campaign – and grade your account on how effective it really is. We can also make suggestions on improvements, and recommendations on budget and keywords. The key to a successful PPC campaign in London is made up of many factors – site speed, security, relevancy and click through rate. (CTR) We wont blind you with science – but give you sensible advice on how you can achieve a campaign that out performs your competitors, and maximises your budget.

Display Advertising And Remarketing

Google PPC offers so much!

Google Ads are not just seen at the top 4 places and 3 on the bottom of SERPS. (Search Engine Results Page) You can utilise the Google Display network (GDN) and reach clients across the entire Google platform – so your ads can be shown on specific websites, in Gmail and for specific searches. You can use banner ads and text ads – we are experts in these forms of online advertising.

Remarketing (Re-targeting) Ads

Increase Online Conversions with Retargeting

Let’s say a client visits your website, and leaves. Missed opportunity? You bet! Perhaps they were mid purchase. Maybe something interrupted their browsing. You need to reconnect with this prospective client. This is where remarketing comes in. Your banner will be shown on partner websites – and the lower cost per click (CPC) make this an attractive proposition. The search is not limited to London either so possibilities are endless. Using London PPC Agency Finsbury Media you can win with Display Advertising combined with Remarketing and traditional Adwords.

Other Advertising Channels

Bing Ads, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

Being a Google Premier Partner we run the majority of search ads on Google. However, there are great opportunities in using other channels – after all if your target audience are elsewhere in London you should be there too. Bing campaigns can be very effective for the 50+ demographic – and we can discuss the success stories we have for the other channels. You should definitely consider adding these to your PPC strategy.

Paid Search (PPC)

Make your PPC budget work harder in 2020.

Pay Per Click (PPC) FAQ’s:

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords and Google AdWords Express) is an online advertising solution that businesses use to promote their products and services on Google Search, YouTube and other sites across the web. Google Ads also allows advertisers to choose specific goals for their ads, like driving phone calls or website visits. With a Google Ads account, advertisers can customise their budgets and targeting, and start or stop their ads at any time.

What are Google AdWords and Google AdWords Express?

Google AdWords and Google AdWords Express are the previous names for the new, improved Google Ads.

How does Google Ads work?

Google Ads works by displaying your ad when people search online for the products and services you offer. By leveraging smart technology, Google Ads helps get your ads in front of potential customers at just the moment they’re ready to take action.

  1. You start by selecting your goal, like getting more visitors to your website or more phone calls to your business.
  2. Next you select the geographic area where your ad should be shown. It can be a small radius around your business or much broader, like cities, counties or entire countries.
  3. Finally, you’ll craft your ad and set your monthly budget cap.

Once your ad is approved, it can appear whenever users in your target area search for a product or service like yours. You only pay when users engage with your ad, like clicking your ad or calling your business.

What are the different types of Google Ads?

There are three basic types of Google Ads:

  • Search Network campaigns – usually text form, these ads can show on Google Search results pages when someone searches for a product or service that’s similar to yours
  • Display Network campaigns – usually image form, these ads appear on websites or apps that your customers visit
  • Video campaigns – usually 6 or 15 second videos, these ads show right before or during YouTube content

What is CPC (Cost Per Click) or PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising?

CPC (Cost Per Click) or PPC (Pay Per Click) means you only pay for an ad if someone clicks on it.

Other advertising models include:

  • Cost Per Impression, where you pay based on how many times your ad was shown (not clicked)
  • Cost Per Engagement, where you pay when a user completes a predefined engagement (like watching your video ad)

How much does Google Ads cost?

Your Google Ads cost is determined by your budget settings. Google Ads can work with almost any budget. You’re only charged when users interact with your ad, like clicking to visit your website or to call your business. With Google Ads, there is no minimum spend requirement, and no required contract length – you can stop your ads anytime. The cost of a click or call can vary based on a few factors.

How do I start advertising on Google?

To get started with Google Ads, click here to sign up. Our guided set-up process will walk you through creating your first ad in just a few steps. If you need help signing up, our Google Ads experts are available to set up your new account and even assist in creating your first campaign at no additional cost.

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