CLO – Conversion Linked Optimisation – With Finsbury Media

Finsbury Media

has been at the forefront of providing clients not only with services across a wide range of digital marketing but also with the integration of our proprietary CLO technology.

Our proprietary CLO technology – Stands for Conversion Linked Optimisation.

CLO Is a cost effective search engine advertising solution that gets you in front of consumers in your market who are ready to make a purchase.

With our propriety CLO technology we put your ad on all major search engines including Google, Yahoo & Bing Our CLO Technology allows us to capture more leads for your marketing budget through a process that tracks your goals back to the keywords that triggered that goal.

Our CLO platform provides you with a detailed online report available 24 / 7 that enables you to not only see all the activity associated with your campaigns but allows you to interact by listening to calls, verifying submissions and purchases and calculating your profitability.

Through the CLO platform we are able to optimize your campaign hourly based on the keywords that are generating your GOALS – Phone Calls, Emails, Submissions, online orders etc – NOT CLICKS

This is where the CLO technology comes into its own by dynamically attributing spend in the instance of PPC or recommendation in the instance of SEO to allow us to only spend your budgets on keywords that are profitable to your business

The difference with us and every other agency is that with our propriety technology we track across all online activity and only focus your spend on the most profitable keywords and channels resulting in more profit and better ROI for our clients

At Finsbury media, we use the best bespoke and third party technologies to provide unsurpassed insight and analysis, which helps us deliver results. You will have best-of-breed technologies at your fingertips.

Call Tracking

Ever wanted to know which keyword made your telephone ring? With our Call tracking technology we are able to track back to the keyword that generated the call to a lead or conversion.

Web Event Conversion Tracking

Our team specialise in helping you track and convert each web event into revenue through our CLO Technology, whether it be to Track purchases, form submissions, or other actions.

Email Tracking

Keep track of every lead or enquiry through emails with our digitally time-stamp recorded email tracking.

Customer Journey

We know some customers may not be ready to enquire or purchase straight away which is why we are able to track the customer journey back to the first click with our 90 day view-through conversion window.

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