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Why You Should Use Geofencing to Target Your Audience

In our latest 5 in 15 Webinar: 5 Ways to Target Your Audience Online, we learned valuable information about targeting the right customers online.

One valuable targeting tactic local businesses can benefit from is geofencing, a display targeting tactic that helps you reach prospects in a certain area through their mobile devices. Here are some benefits of geofencing from our webinar.

Targets Prospects Near You & Finds New Audiences

Geofencing is effective at targeting local prospects when they are physically near your business, allowing you to reach unique audiences based on where they are.

You can even use geofencing to let prospects near your competitors know about your business instead! Here’s how it works: as soon as a consumer enters the geofence parameter you set up (a radius around your business or another location), they’ll be able to see your ads in mobile apps they are using.

Drives In-Person Visits

One of the primary benefits of marketing to local consumers is driving a visit to your business in person. By including a compelling offer in your display ads or a message about inviting them to your location, you can generate more leads and in-store business.  

Helps You Attribute ROI

If you use geofencing with conversion zone tracking, you can track physical conversion paths between the geofence you set up and your business. This allows you to see how geofencing, and your display advertising, is actually working to drive more than just awareness, but actual revenue for your business.

Reaching new local audiences online can often be complex, but geofencing creates an easy and effective way to reach new audiences when they’re already near your business and may be more likely to visit. Learn about more display targeting tactics that can help you reach additional audiences online by downloading our free, on-demand webinar 5 Ways to Target Your Audience Online today!

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