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Today’s consumers are increasingly relying on social media as a search engine to discover new information. That means your potential customers are searching for product reviews, brand recommendations, and local businesses just like yours on social media. This emphasises the significance of Social Optimisation and why businesses need to take advantage of this shift towards social search. At Finsbury Media, our team is dedicated to helping you optimise all your social channels and will ensure that you’re not missing out on any valuable opportunities to grow your business!


You’ve heard of Search Engine Optimisation, but have you heard of Social Media Optimisation?

Social Optimisation is similar to traditional SEO; in the same way that you can optimise your website, you can now optimise your social media channels to reach potential customers who are actively searching for specific products or services organically through the social media search engine.

Over the last few years, social media has grown at rapid rates and has become an essential part of marketing and operating a business today. Due to social media’s rise, social searching has become an increasingly popular way for consumers to discover new businesses and information. Rather than using Google to search, consumers are discovering local businesses, product reviews and service recommendations. Without taking advantage of this shift and optimising your social media profiles, you could miss out on potential customers who are actively searching for your products.
The experts at Finsbury Media can help you start reaching potential customers today, rather than relying on social algorithms. We dedicate the same time and care to optimise your social media profiles as we would your website. Speak to one of Finsbury Media’s Social Optimisation specialists and find out how we can help grow your business today!

Social Media Optimisation


Our Social Optimisation team is equipped with dedication, experience, and the skills needed to achieve your business goals. At Finsbury Media our SEO specialists and social media experts work closely to develop tailored strategies that improve your reach online and gain the attention of potential customers.
Grow Your Brand's Reach
Make your content more visible and reachable, resulting in greater engagement in the form of clicks and traffic. Not only will your content be getting seen, it will also be getting seen by potential consumers who don’t yet follow you. By optimising your social content you will be able to tap into potential customers who don’t use traditional search engines.
Increase Brand Awareness
Identify the overall impact of your social marketing campaign on sales and brand awareness. By tailoring your content to those who are searching for it, your brand becomes more widely recognised. These users are searching for local businesses and brand reviews all on their favourite social channel, where you can be found before the competition with Social Optimisation services.
Improve Lead Quality
By targeting your existing and new consumers with relevant content, you’re more likely to make a sale or create a new lead. Selecting the right keywords and hashtags on each post means your content will be seen by those who are searching for that specific product or piece of content.
Boost Sales Through Social Media
By using the most relevant imagery and content through each post, you can tailor your hashtags and keywords to direct your content directly to whoever is actively searching for it. Adding CTA’s will help push and promote your products to users who are actively looking for what you sell, resulting in more sales of products and services you offer.

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