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Web Design

Your website is your digital shop front, so it is essential that it is aesthetically pleasing, functional and interactive. Whilst a conversion-led approach to web design is beneficial, you also need to consider the online experience your website offers to consumers.

Whether you are an e-commerce business focused on online transactions or a SME dependant on offline conversions from your website, Finsbury Media can help you create a professional, engaging and interactive website. We will consult with you on call to actions, layout and content to ensure your website is capable of achieving your conversion goals.

Finsbury Media have been involved in consulting and creating traditional desktop websites, mobile sites and landing pages for SMEs, blue chips and local businesses. We are experienced in creating all types of websites and are able to offer advice to individual businesses about the best strategy for their web design.

Our team of talented web designers and developers have over fifty years combined experience in creating optimised websites for clients from a wide range of industries.

We understand that ‘website’ is a broad term and that our clients require specific strategies that are tailored to meet the needs and requirements of their business, as well as their customers. Whether you are looking to have a responsive web design created for your business, or simply require your existing website to be tweaked, make Finsbury Media your number one choice.

Landing Pages

Part of an effective digital marketing campaign involves having a place where users can find all of the information they need to answer their questions or solve their problems. For many businesses, this is their landing pages.

Landing pages can be used to expose a single product and single location. Many businesses use landing pages as part of their PPC campaigns. Rather than their PPC advert taking users to a business’s main website, it takes them to the landing page of a specific product or service instead. The landing page provides them with all of the information they need to know about the specific product or service they are interested in and gives them a call to action, which is usually to buy the product or service. Landing pages can also be used in campaigns to compare results and establish how well your current website works.

Optimised landing pages can help to increase the exposure of your product and service online. Combined with PPC adverts, they can generate traffic and customers in a quick and cost-effective way.

Content Management System

Content management systems enable non-technical users to manage websites. No longer do business owners need to rely on their web designer or developer to add content and make alterations to their websites for them. Today they can simply ask their web developer to install a content management system.

Content management systems usually have a simple, user-friendly interface that looks a little like desktop publisher. Using their CMS, business owners can go about adding new content, making changes to existing content and removing unwanted content from their website. Content management systems give business owners full control over their websites, allowing them to keep their content up to date and fresh, without them needing to know anything about HTML or coding.

At Finsbury Media we can create a content management system for your website and teach you to use it so that you can manage your site and update it as and when you wish to. There are a number of different content management systems available, but we tend to use one of the following:

  • Joomla
  • Expression Engine
  • Drupal
  • WordPress

We will select a content management system for your website, based on which is best for your business. Each of the content management systems featured above have pros and cons. WordPress is often chosen for individuals who have little experience in managing websites, whereas Drupal and Joomla are designed for more advanced users.

If you would like to have a go at managing your own content or require any more information about the content management system we use, feel free to get in touch.


With an ever increasing number of people choosing to shop online, it is no wonder that so many businesses now have e-commerce stores. If you are looking to branch out online, we can develop a fully functional e-commerce platform to make the process of shopping easy for your customers. We build all e-commerce platforms with the customers’ shopping experience in mind with the aim of making it as pleasurable as possible for them.

Using our e-commerce systems, clients can control products, orders and customer accounts. Our payment systems are supported by Google Checkout, PayPal and SagePay.


Mobile will overtake desktop in 2016 are you ready for the mobile revolution!!

Every day there are more and more users visiting websites on their mobile phones and according to Google, 95% of smartphone users have searched for local information, with 61% of them calling a business after searching.

The mobile browsing experience you offer users, has to be every bit as effective as if they were viewing your website from their desktop computer. We understand the importance of creating sites that are optimised for mobile viewing, providing users with quick and efficient answers to their questions. We offer full-service mobile sites and mobile search campaigns that give value to both your business and customers.

The content on mobile websites needs to be easily readable and well-structured. The quicker mobile users can find the information they need, the more likely they are to buy your products or services. A well designed mobile website will encourage users to spend longer browsing the site and return to use if frequently.

Iphone, Ipad and Android Apps

If you want an easy way to communicate with your consumers at any time of day, then you may want to consider having an iPhone, iPad or Android app developed. Business apps are becoming even more popular than mobile websites and are something which all businesses can benefit from having. They give users the opportunity to connect with your business and find the information they require quickly.

Tablets and smartphones offer users a completely different experience to traditional desktop computers and laptops. Our experience makes us the best web developers to build your Apple or Android app.

Whether you are looking to have an interactive gaming app created or an app version of your e-commerce store, we have the skills and knowledge to create the best applications for your business.

At Finsbury Media our main objective is to create mobile apps that are accessible for all consumers. We build fully functional, bespoke applications for all sized businesses, helping them to increase conversion rates and provide an enjoyable experience for users.

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