4 Essential Strategies to Jumpstart Your Local SEO

If you’re searching for detailed information or searching for clarification on something you’ve heard on, taking out your mobile or sitting on the computer are typically the most convenient ways to extend your knowledge and enlighten you on the subject. For the clients this is no different. When your target audience is in the market for a new service or product in your field, you want them to choose your business. Why not narrow their search down to you? Why not put yourself on the map and increase your business recognition? Why not enhance your local search engine optimization? Engaging in SEO is essential for any thriving company these days as it goes beyond just getting you on search engine result pages, but allows your target audience to see all you have to offer. So where do you start? We’ve made that part easy for you as we’ve assembled a list of the most essential strategies to beginning local SEO.

1) Create a location pages

It’s important to establish a local places page with the top three search engines– Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Building these accounts is as simple as entering all of your main business details including hours, phone number , address and more. Setting up an account with multiple search engine sites means that your local listing, or page, will be available to those using Google, those using Bing, and those favoring Yahoo, which will maximize your exposure overall. When it comes to uploading further information and pictures, you want to aim for the highest quality you could put out there because doing so give customers a glimpse of your business’s true image. Categorizing your page is a crucial step in creating a location page because some search engines will not display your company if you aren’t categorized or categorized correctly. So be informative, thorough, and honest.

2.) Get Online Reviews.

Reviews are a key aspect in whether a customer will choose your business over another. Why? Because positive reviews means you provide positive results. Now how does that fit in with obtaining local SEO? While this isn’t 100% confirmed, studies from authority sites like Moz have found that the more positive reviews you have, the more likely your website and local places page will be in the top search results when someone browses for keywords relevant to your business. So how can you encourage more high quality reviews? If a customer opens a certain landing page or submits an order, a prompt may be added that asks them to leave some reviews, or when they comment on a specific product, you might even go the extra mile and ask them to leave a review. Don’t be afraid to question them, because they are not your rivals.

3.) Optimize Your Webpage.

This strategy is a separate post itself but the skinny is your website is a crucial asset in achieving success with local SEO if you set it up the right way. One of the important factors to have all your contact information (Name, Address, Phone) on your webpage so visitors not only can reach you, but know you’re legit because your information exactly matches your local places page. Going beyond that, posting content specific to your area and using keywords relevant to your city (i.e. London Cosmetic Dentist) or region are excellent ways to gain more attention.

4.) Engage in Social Media.

This may come as a surprise, but you may list your business pages on social media. The more fans, activity, and interaction you have on your social media accounts, the higher you’ll be ranked in the search engines. Getting an account with all of the leading websites such as Facebook , Twitter and Instagram where you can post news, promotions and new items can only help your business more.

Entering the world of local SEO isn’t as hard as sounds. For more ways to increase your recognition and watch your business grow, check out our blog!

4 Essential Strategies to Jumpstart Your Local SEO