6 web design changes that will impact your conversion rate

Whether you are a sole entrepreneur or a major player in the industry, you cannot thrive in the digital world unless you have what it takes to convert the incoming traffic into customers.
6 web design changes that will impact your conversion rate

Your virtual existence depends upon the level of marketing skills that bring an awareness of what drives or deteriorates the interest of site visitors.

While there are many speculations regarding the fundamental factors that contribute to boosting conversion, website design takes the lead. Marketers harp over the importance of social media and SEO integration, creating lead magnets that convert.

If you do not have the aesthetics to keep your reader attentive, they might exit your portal within minutes. A Stanford University research implies that 46.1% people stated that web design is their top criteria for deciding the company’s credibility.

Despite all the strategies floating online, you need to improvise your web design every now and then. Make sure it stays on top of the grid. The user experience that you offer will have a direct impact on your return on investment. In case the design is not converting into sales, make some simple tweaks to ensure that it is doing the intended job.

Below, we single out 6 design changes that will have a direct impact on conversions:

  • Establish a clear value proposition
  • Simple navigatio
  • Predictable Layout
  • Use graphics and visual cues
  • Work on color schemes
  • Optimizing for mobile

Establish a clear value proposition

All the marketing effort will go down the drain if your company is not offering any substantial value to the visitors. The goal is to convince visitors that your company is the ultimate solution and this must be done within seconds. A study conducted by Microsoft found that most people have an attention span of eight seconds (that is a second shorter than that of a goldfish).

6 web design changes that will impact your conversion rate

Instead of beating around the bush, show them what they need to know about your business. It should begin with having a simple and clear homepage with an attractive picture and precise value proposition. This blend will compel the audience to take a step further and explore what you have to offer.

Simple navigation

A high conversion website helps visitors through every step of the way making sure that it compels them to take favorable actions. This maybe subscription to the newsletter, filling out a form or making a purchase. Nobody is interested in reading a page filled with instructional text.

Rather the audience finds it more convenient if the site provides simple tips and snippets of text. This makes the interface more intuitive for them.

6 web design changes that will impact your conversion rate

White spaces help a lot in creating an impression of minimalism. It gives an outlook of simplicity, elegance, and novelty that entices the audience. All the while, it is imperative that the design makes it easy for people to navigate through the site in the least number of clicks possible. An ideal design is the one that enables people to access all info with a single click.

Even though it is a challenge to keep it simple and convincing at the same time, but you need to find a professional service that fulfills the task effectively.

Predictable Layout

Even though you aim to stand out in the industry, you need to provide a predictable layout to convert at a reasonable rate. Find out how other businesses in your niche are shaping their website.

Cluttering your pages with nonsensical widgets will only push the audience away. Given that the prime concern is to boost conversions, you must go for a design that is conventional yet unique in its own way. Every user comes with a set of expectations.

For instance, they look for the contact information at the footer, and they expect that they will find the search box at the same place on every website. So, ask your professionals to weed out all distractions and focus more on user convenience.

Use graphics and visual cues

A versatile website simplifies the decision making for the visitors by using graphics. Visual story-telling is an excellent way to captivate the readers and make them connect emotionally with the content. The visual design also gives hierarchy to the content, so the vital information and calls to action stay in the limelight.

You need to make sure that the web developers you are hiring understand the importance of illustrations and strategically use them for enhancing conversions.

Work on color schemes

The color coordination is instrumental in communicating the message of the brand and their unique selling proposition. While some colors are proven to dominate when it comes to elevating conversions, the most important factor is consistency. For example, if you are using a certain color for a product, then you must use the same color for that product on all pages. Similarly, the audience will move through the pages very quickly, focusing mainly on the calls to action and headers. By using consistent colors for these buttons, the message becomes clear. This familiarity and pattern recognition will then lead to increased conversions.

Optimizing for mobile

As the trends show that more people are jumping on the smartphone bandwagon, you cannot stay ignorant of its importance. Your website needs to be mobile-responsive. Although cramming entire information on the mobile screen is impossible sometimes.

You can go for prioritizing the content and providing calls to action on the top. In this way, mobile users do not have to scroll forever. Designing a mobile-specific site with an uncluttered menu is going to help you retain the customers.

Hence, your web design must be crisp and clear upon every device, and this needs constant effort on your part.

Consumer expectations are constantly reshaping as the online market evolves. If you want to stay ahead, it is important that you constantly measure and test the reaction of your visitors.

The goal is to help them perform desirable actions with the least amount of friction. This is only possible when you are adopting the new principles whenever they are needed. It is a never-ending process that asks for a lot of experimenting.

Consider using these tips to tweak your website design to reach out for brilliance in achieving a higher conversion rate.

6 web design changes that will impact your conversion rate