7 Best 2020 SEO Techniques For Better Traffic

Are you tired of experimenting with various approaches to get your site positioned higher?

Have you tried applying SEO methods? Uh, failed? Before you curse the SEO techniques, let me reveal that there is a reliable method for getting the best performance! To get the nuts and bolts right, there are thumb rules set, one single mistake and your rankings have to shoulder the warmth. Would you like to know the real SEO way? Let ‘s explain how SEO can be done:

How does SEO work?

SEO, short for Search Engine Optimization, is not a complex or expensive process.

Once you understand how search engines such as Google decide the pages that are worth showing to their searchers, you are good to go!Google, for instance, is one of the most used search engines.

In the real sense, Google does not go through every website or pages to decide on the best websites to show in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

There is a complex algorithm in the search engine that compares the content of each website and gets the best one.

One of the most used search engines, for example, is Google. In the real sense, in the SERP ( Search Engine Results Tab), Google does not go through every website or tab to settle on the best websites to screen.

The search engine has a complex algorithm that compares the content of each website and pulls the best one.

There are 3 things that the complex algorithm considers –

The quality of the content on your website, i.e. how unique it is, the number of reference links you offer on your page, and finally the level of trust your page has gained from the visitors.

In simple terms, your business cannot find its way to the search engine’s preferred websites if you do not please their algorithm. Remember,

  • Google wants to provide their customers with the most interesting, unique and informative content. If your content lacks that wow factor, trust me your page isn’t worth a read.
  • Google aims to provide customers with the websites that have previously gained trust from the visitors. Using the ranking systems available for websites, Google either awards your page with points or deducts them according to the reviews that visitors provide. Websites with poor reviews attract consequent penalties and this moves them down Google’s list of preferred websites.
  • Once your page gains authority and popularity over other pages, your business website will move up the ranks. In order to do this, try your best to share your website’s links, get more and more people to visit your website and your webpage will move up the rank.

SEO optimization, however, is the only way your page will attract Google’s attention.

There is a list of very common and very easy to do SEO basics that will definitely move your website to the first page of the searches related to your niche.

Let’s discuss a few SEO strategies:

SEO Strategies:

These strategies if used in the right manner can fetch you the best results.

However, do not expect an overnight miracle. Remember, the saying – Rome wasn’t built in a day! The best way of how to do SEO is to continually practice it on your website and observe the progress.

1. Location Based Webpage Content
How do your potential customers find your business? Well, the fact is that one of the things that Google considers greatly is how easy the location of your business is to find.

The best and easiest way to find a business location is with the help of a map and location web pages.

If you haven’t integrated location pages in your website, it’s time to act. In addition to the location web pages, make sure you choose a simple link, a simple URL that customers can easily grasp.

Don’t forget to add the name of your business, a real address along with your contact details.

2. Google My Business
Want to manage your online presence? Try out Google My Business!

Google My Business is a website that enables business owners and managers to educate potential clients about their company and provide valuable information about their companies , i.e. the goods and services they provide, their locations, their real name, and contact details.

One of the basic aspects that Google takes into account when filtering out the business pages that are worth presenting to their clients is a Google My Business account, abbreviated as GMB.

This platform allows you to analyze the progress your business made, including the number of people that visit your website, their locations, and the reviews they provide.

A GMB account is completely easy to set up and is highly recommended for your business.

Here are a few things that must be considered:

Avoid keyword stuffing
People assume that the usage of certain keywords in their business name in the GMB account will fetch them a higher ranking.

Well, that’s just a misconception! Instead, use your actual business name to avoid rejection by Google. Let it be simple and straightforward.

Use of fake contact information
Are you skeptical about sharing your personal details on online platforms?

Do you end-up providing fake information just to fill-in the details? Well, that’s the mistake you are committing!

The provision of real information on your account will help your potential customers to reach you.

This in return will fetch you positive reviews depending on the quality of service you deliver.

Use photos to show your business:
Photos are a proof that your business exists. Ensure that you use high-quality photos for your potential customers. Afterall, quality speaks!

3. Use of links

Links to other pages, usually references, are very important to your website.

As stated earlier, links are one of the considerations made by Google’s algorithm to determine the best and worthy websites to show on searches.

However, using too many irrelevant links is not the best way to get SEO results.

Stuffing links on your website will come out as a desperate means to try and get your business website recognized.

Though Google will recognize your business website, it will not be a positive recognition. And guess what? Your website will be penalized!

4. Unique and interesting content

Yes, Content is the King!

Most sites on the web attempt to draw traffic without providing any added value.

As a search engine that takes into account the details provided to its users, Google is very careful not to prefer these websites to other search results.

Make sure that the material on your website is absolutely applicable and is full of important details, not just stuffed with keywords.

5. Optimization for responsive website

The use of computers in website searches has continually dropped in the recent years.

Wondering why? It’s due to a drastic increase in the usage of mobile phones and tablets.

Google, as a result, developed a simple arithmetic solution and integrated it into the search engine’s algorithm to ensure that the websites run on mobile devices as well.

I personally suggest you to have a responsive website if you want great SEO results.

6. Use Short URLs

Short URLs are efficient when it comes to grasping them or even feeding them to different platforms.

The use of long URLs, like 10 words long, seems a bit too tiring for people who visit your website.

Thus, Google prefers the websites with short URLs.

7. Check the look and Feel

One of the factors that your visitors will consider when rating reviewing your website is the experience that they had while using it.

Before you make your website available online, customize it in such a way that it seems beautiful to users and makes it pleasant to work with.

Ensure it is easy to read and the users’ can easily navigate.

That way, your users will greatly appreciate the look of your website and will give a positive review.

These effective SEO techniques are sure to enhance your business.

Perhaps not persuaded? Would you like us to help out? To find out the correct strategies for your business, connect with our experts. Is SEO worthy of practise? Do share with us your reviews!

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7 Best 2020 SEO Techniques For Better Traffic