AdWords API/Scripts Developer

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Position: AdWords API/Scripts Developer

Hello there, you programming prodigy.



We’re hiring, and we thought we’d see if you wanted to join our world class Tech team. As a quick background, we started as a Paid Search agency but with backgrounds in programming it turned out there was huge automation potential for advertising campaigns. We’ve built some industry-shaking technology and need your help to make it better. So here’s the deal… We’d like you to:– Develop new innovative AdWords tools- Integrate our software and API platforms to online services- Contribute thought leadership/planning to our cutting-edge advertising technology

– Work on independent research

– That’s about it really.

In return we’ll give you:

– An opportunity to work with some of the smartest programmers on the planet

– ‘Managers’ who understand your work

– Free lunches

– A platform to become the best in the world at what you do

– Monies


Experienced in one of the languages and frameworks of the web. Ideally Python/ Django, but others are also acceptable
Working knowledge of JavaScript
Bonus: Making stuff securely: OAuth, SSL, CSRF prevention, access tokens, etc
Experience working with and developing APIs and integrations

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  • RAR Recommended
  • Bing
  • Youtube
  • The Drum Network
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Shopping
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