As A Beginner Which Are The Best SEO Tools For You?


Single SEO can do everything for you, you don’t need a lot of SEO tools for your work. As a beginner, you should always focus on the investment that you think of spending on several SEO tools and if you should do that. In this article, we are going to list some SEO tools for all the beginners in the world. While we do that we are also going to talk about some actionable insights.

These tools listed will provide you with all the details and information you need as a beginner. Let’s get on with it then!

Best SEO Tools For Beginner

Here are some of the best SEO tools which you must have if you are a beginner. Let’s go for the tools.

1. Google Search Console

You can consider this tool as a free web analytics console from Google. GSC can also be called webmaster tools.

You must possess a toolset along with invaluable insights which are all about your own site and information or messages about site health directly from Google.
It is going to be a great decision if you connect it with Google Analytics because it will get you the most data about your own site.

In these SEO days, this tool is very much needed.

2. PageSpeed Insights

Check your core web vitals and load time by using Google Pagespeed insights. By increasing the scores by getting a developer you need to run a test.

This tool is another important SEO tool added to your toolkit. Use chrome continue.

3. Screaming Frog SEO Spider

This tool is for Mac and PC. It is a web crawler that helps you to analyze the structure of a site. Professional technical SEO and web developers use these PC-based site crawlers.

It is used to track technical and user experience problems on the website. Beginners can learn a lot of information from it as well. Get this tool you need to invest in a paid yearly subscription.

To understand this tool even more you need to have a firm background in HTML. It is an excellent program for auditing your website and also can collect information to optimize the site. Also check: Online Health Media, Follow The Fashion, Emblem Wealth.

Before buying the SF spider tool get a free version to test it out. Best laptops are required to get these tools installed.

4. ProRank Tracker Software

You need some third parties to analyze the rankings on each keyword if you are interested to know how your page performs in Google.

ProRank tracker is easy to use while being an accurate rank tracker.

5. SEMrush

This tool is the best SEO tool for beginners. This one is known as the Site Auditor, keyword researcher, and competitor analysis tool. SEMrush does a lot of things together.

Here is a list of what the tool lets you know:

1. It will show the keywords that are popular in your niche
2. It will show you all the keywords, phrases, and terms that might decide to add to your content and for link building.
3. It shows the natural listings in Google which provides competitors unpaid traffic.
4. It shows you top ranking sites
5. It will show the keywords and phrases that have been repeated in the UK Google.
6. It can get you cool firefox plugins to export research. Also, read about the SEO plugin.

You can really master some clean stuff if you become a keyword monkey.SEMrush provides keywords based on countries like the US, UK, Spain, India, and so on. If you are a beginner this is going to be the best SEO tool you can start with.

6. Redirect Path

Redirect path for chrome is an on-page tool and a little plugin that helps you find the number and types of redirects if you have any while going through sites. You can also check: Social Media Magazine, Search Engine Magazine, Rsl Online, Smart Business Daily, Blog Stellar, Real Wealth Business.

This tool is very useful for site clean-ups and page migration. The tool is used to check the chains in a redirect towards a page.

7. Answer The Public

This tool is a simple one in free keyword research, that will help you out if you have content on specific topics.The tools can help you out on the writing but that doesn’t mean useless writing can be ranked high in Google, just because you have the tool used.

Google continues ranking the writings if it is good enough in all aspects. Google keyword planner is also another good tool.

8. Google Analytics

While there are so many tools you can choose from, Google Analytics is going to be the first choice forever.

To get the best of Google Analytics API is needed. Sometimes there will be Google drive errors, but nothing to worry about.

The work of this tool depends on what you are employed for, which will influence the tools you will be investing in.

The Bottom Line

For beginners, it is quite hard to do the right things in the first go. SEO is interesting as well as complicated if you do not understand everything about it. If you are a content writer you also need to learn SEO as well. Your choice of keywords will rank your article with the help of SEO. Since we know how much SEO is needed for content makers, we have provided a few tools that can help you out in the journey.

You can always get in touch with a skilled SEO Agency to improve your ranking, drive traffic and boost your sales!

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Beginner SEO Tools

Google Search Console •
PageSpeed Insights •
SEO Spider •
ProRank Tracker Software •
SEMrush •
Redirect Path •
Answer The Public •
Google Analytics

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