Enterprise SEO Services

When it comes to an Enterprise Level SEO Analysis and Service offering, when compared to your typical small to medium eCommerce company, it operates at a substantially greater level of complexity. The major areas of a full enterprise SEO service will be discussed in this article.

Search engine optimisation, frequently ignored at the enterprise stage, is definitely problematic. Wide marketing departments are less flexible and the tech and developer teams of the organisations are stretched to support the different business units with money.

It can seem difficult to justify a budget for an environment that has some ‘technological mystique’ with conventional marketing departments forced to integrate with online marketing activities at times, is often ambiguous, and can be difficult to project the return on investment.

The foundational elements of an enterprise SEO solution are described below. This will encourage you to negotiate for your business to concentrate on SEO, as well as justifying each and every aspect of the service.

Enterprise Digital Marketing Analysis

At the core of all digital marketing efforts is measurement. To really track the value add that search engine optimisation gives enterprise business, complete tracking must be activated. Unfortunately, while an enterprise may have some degree of tracking already enabled (such as Google Analytics), others such as events, GTM triggers and other conversion goals may not be fully realized.

A detailed and data-focused agency will work towards delivering a full-spectrum of tracking for organic visits.

Typically, an enterprise site operates with multiple regions, languages, sub-domains, portals and top-level domains (TLDs). It’s vital to not only track conversions and ROI on paid search advertising but with the Organic Channel as well.

It becomes problematic for enterprise when a lackluster implementation of tracking across various business units strips data and attributes successes or conversion to other traffic sources. Ultimately, it gives the organisation as a whole a skewed picture of lead acquisition.

Cross-device addressing, cross-domain monitoring, as well as a variety of other enterprise-level tools (such as A / B testing and heatmaps), will expose the strengths and limitations of different business units and their websites. To help organic rankings and conversions, these insights inform optimisations that can range from one area, a platform, or sub-folder. The main element to note here is that knowledge is turned into concrete insight and becomes data.

Key Enterprise Web Analytics & Tracking Tools

Note: There are many more available, look at a comprehensive list here.

Organic Rating & Efficiency Tools for Enterprise
Now that we can see and monitor all activities through the digital assets of an organisation internally, the next step is to gain valuable insights into the current success of organic and search engines. Again, there could be a lot of data to monitor and analyse at the enterprise level.

Not all insights about organic performance will be valuable for every business unit, but from a higher level and for the SEO Digital Agency it is vital that these areas are measured to deliver bespoke meaningful insights to the right stakeholder.

As such using enterprise ranking tools facilitates compartmentalisation of keywords and ranking performance, regional measurements and report delivery.

Key Enterprise Keyword Tracking Tools

There are many other tools for performance tracking, however the most enterprise friendly are listed above.

Enterprise Competition Digital Analysis

Now that we have a solid understanding of the overall performance of your organisation, the next step is to gain as much insight about your competitors SEO performance. Why? This operates as strategic intelligence about what actions to take to develop both complex strategies and easy-win strategies to increase conversions and performance.

Not only do you monitor your companies performance, you must be proactive to interpret the competition’s actions and take steps to prevent a loss in organic performance before it happens.

The data points that are exposed by monitoring competitors can be provided potentially 6-12 months before the competitor is a viable threat to your business units, sometimes ignored at the enterprise level. The foresight helps the digital team to make suggestions and include solutions for mitigation to ensure that no unexpected loss occurs.

Typical Tasks for SEO Competition Analysis

  • Search result and keyword tracking
    • This reveals technical issues, search engine changes and any particular investment move that a competitor makes.
  • Competition keyword research
    • Identifies and models how competitors are driving sales/conversions.
    • Facilitates insights into your own businesses use of terminology and page creation.
  • Baseline Reporting
    • Tracking your enterprises’ performance via search engines alone is not enough, how you perform within the market in terms of code, structure, content, regional visibility and off-site metrics are all valuable metrics to track.
  • KPI
    • Knowing the overall status of your business units in content allows for more realistic and achievable revenue or performance goals for the next quarter/year.

Enterprise Website Optimisation

Tracking, baselines and performance measurements are all now in place. The next element is making valuable actions and changes on site. Enterprise website optimisation certainly requires significant consultation between both the management, marketing and technical/development teams. Business units and key goals must all be aligned (and informed) as to what value all of these changes will make.

An enterprise digital agency goals are to:

  1. Illustrate the problems with the site (technical or content related)
  2. Interpret the marketing teams goals and align these goals to technical changes
  3. Provide recommendations about the strategic actions to take
  4. Communicate between departments to deliver a cohesive understanding
  5. Liaise with development teams to monitor and track implementation

Typical Enterprise SEO Tasks

  • Perform Technical Analysis of Code
    • Usually there are technical issues which already impede the overall performance of the existing site, this first and foremost must to addressed.
  • Speed and Load Analysis
    • More than anything else, speed issues have a dramatic effect upon organic performance, optimisation here is a must.
  • Crawl and Indexation Analysis
    • Understanding how the search engines perceive the enterprise’s assets must be analysed from logs, gaining insight as to how to improve the overall ‘trust’ and authority of the site(s).
  • Persona & Keyword Analysis
    • It’s the SEO Agency’s job to work with the respective business to gather and match all valuable keywords and to then match them with various personas for each and every product or service. This informs a vast amount of strategic decisions made.
  • Best Practice SEO Tasks
    • These you may know, metadata such as Meta Titles, Meta Descriptions, Headings and ALT tags.
  • Conversion Optimisation
    • Again overlooked, but using insights from initial baseline measurements and interpreting user behaviour to make minor changes can have substantial impact upon the rate of conversion for your existing traffic.
  • Structural SEO Changes
    • With the knowledge of how the enterprise assets are interpreted by search engines, the status of the competition, and the persona modelling, structural changes are typically made requiring design, content and publishing.

The list above is an abbreviation of the tasks your enterprise SEO agency will conduct, but these are generally the initial tasks delivered in order. Throughout this process considerable consultation is required to ensure the actions taken have clear and precise outcomes to establish long-term value. This tends to be a staggered implementation with a framework of tasks, each with a clear method to interpret performance, accelerate traffic growth and conversions.

Typical International SEO Tasks for Enterprise

  • Country and Language Analysis
  • Language and Cultural Keyword Analysis
  • Technical site changes
    • Very much dependent upon the assets available to the enterprise.
  • Localising Content & Additional Platforms
    • International SEO comprises of Local SEO within an international context, as such all tasks done within local SEO strategies are replicated multiple times for each target country or region.
  • Geo-location Webmaster optimisation

Enterprise Content Creation

Most enterprise clients always have a content team either in-house or outsourced, unfortunately at times these content creators have a lesser level of knowledge or insight about the strategic decision being made at the SEO level.

Your enterprise SEO agency should work with any content development tasks in conjunction, especially if this is content based online. The agency can constantly provide assets to content creators, communicate the keyword phrases to be used and at what degree of frequency, using the in-depth research previously delivered.

All too often, content created at the enterprise level for the web will have a strong emphasis on the brand, neglecting the benefits of using data-based terminology to inform how the content is written. The development of content by an SEO support agency adds value to any dollar spent on marketing materials and can contribute to a substantial improvement in results.

Generally the SEO agency will:

  • Assist in publishing targeted, well-written website content that improves your search rankings and provides facilitate a balance between brand and search function.
  • Provide direction to create SEO-optimized creative content assets like infographics, videos, whitepapers and other strategic content.
  • Optimize and create content for voice search and digital assistants and natural language results.

Ongoing Enterprise SEO Management

While some tasks of the SEO agency deliver results in the short-term, the value of having consultants on your team permanently can provide cross departmental insights and facilitate longer term value across the online digital assets.

In general the tasks provided for the enterprise ongoing are:

  • Monitoring of your keyword rankings, organic traffic, calls, and leads
  • Monitoring the keywords rankings of your competitors
  • Deliver continual reporting for each respective business unit, region and various management levels.
  • Continually optimize and pivot your campaign for better performance over time.
  • Execute bespoke SEO strategies overtime to address risk, opportunity and the changing nature of the enterprise.

The Value Proposition

Enterprise websites typically have a great deal of content, but smaller businesses are consistently outranked. Small improvements to the content on your business site can have a big positive impact on your organic rankings. Enterprise websites also have significant site equity, but the material is designed in a way that generates a search engine roadblock.

When it comes down to it, the real advantage of engaging with an enterprise SEO solution and service is to add value to existing assets and deliver measurable, tangible and precise outcomes for the business. Depending upon the industry, these actions can have a profound impact upon the progress and the future of a company across multiple markets.

Initial ROI can seem rather mysterious, hard to explain and difficult to allocate budget for when selecting an enterprise level SEO solution. However, if both in terms of deliverables and consultation with your marketing staff, the agency fulfils the above-mentioned tasks, you will have a valuable asset to operate with, constantly delivering ROI. The calculation doesn’t stop and your SEO team shouldn’t either.

If you’re interested in speaking to an agency with enterprise credentials, acumen and experience contact us at Metric Labs, we’re here to help!

Enterprise SEO Services