How an eCommerce SEO Company Will Increase Your Website Traffic

Working with an eCommerce SEO company can help your business get found by your target audience. Not only can you get more traffic, you can also get more high-quality traffic that’s targeted and leveraged.

Ecommerce SEO services can encompass a variety of areas, including website development and search engine marketing to help you truly optimize your success. Below are a few areas that will help you increase not only your website’s incoming traffic but also your conversion rates as well.

Assess Your Existing Website and Your Competition

Whether you have an existing eCommerce infrastructure that has worked well, are trying to fix something that’s not working, are just starting out with your first eCommerce store or you are looking to capitalize on your current success and take your sales to the next level, an eCommerce SEO company can help.

A professional SEO company can dig into your existing site layout, your website analytics and assess your competition as well. An SEO audit can tell you what’s going well along with pinpointing areas for improvement. SEO companies will often provide a free SEO audit in order to help you see what they can do for you. And seeing your site through the lens of an expert can be an eye-opening experience.

There may be work that needs to be done to improve your website’s layout, to take better advantage of meta data, as well as lost opportunities that can be seen by assessing your current traffic reports, click-through rates and more. Beyond looking at what your current website visitors do after arriving on your website, another area to look at will be your competition:

  • Where is their traffic coming from?
  • What are they doing right?
  • What aren’t they doing well?
  • Where could you fill a gap they aren’t filling for their customers?

You want your site to rank well as well as provide a great customer experience. And furthermore, you’ll also want to ensure you capture the attention and permission of the traffic that arrives on your site so that if they aren’t ready to buy today, there’s an opportunity to market to them in the future.

Choosing the Right SEO Keywords for Your Online Store

SEO encompasses more than keywords, but keywords are fundamentally important, and an expert can help you with this. Perhaps your business site is losing rankings because of a competitor. Or, you’re in a very competitive market and trying to climb the ranks. Maybe you’re doing well in the rankings now, but your conversion rates are low. Or, your keyword optimization strategy is flawed and hurting your site more than helping it.

A skilled eCommerce SEO company will look at not just getting you ranked well but will also work at continuously keeping your site ranking as well as providing a good online customer experience so that you convert those visitors into customers (and hopefully repeat buyers, too).

Do you want to find ways to get more people who fill their online shopping carts to actually complete the checkout process? An eCommerce services provider who focuses on SEO, website development and search engine marketing could be a great help to you.

Striving for Great Customer Experience

Google and other search engines look at not just your keyword choices and keyword density, but they also look at a great number of factors in determining how to rank each page of your website. Bounce rate is important, too. If 98% of the traffic they send you doesn’t dig deeper than the page they entered on, the search engine bots will reassess whether or not that webpage is truly giving the searchers what they want. If you don’t pay attention to bounce rates, your existing traffic could dwindle.

Many things will impact customer experience:

  • Site load time
  • Design
  • Navigation
  • Useful content

An experienced and successful eCommerce SEO company will help you with all of the above areas.

Capturing Leads

Beyond building an online store, hoping they’ll come and even working on getting them to your site, it’s important to realize that some people need a longer sales cycle. Many people now comparison shop before they buy. Abandoned shopping carts are common. A good strategy to capture leads is important. Whether you offer coupon codes to get them to opt into your newsletter, implement a re-targeting campaign so that if they leave they’re served ads to help entice them back, run contests and giveaways to get followed on social media or implement other strategies to insert visitors into a sales funnel, lead capture is a very important part of your eCommerce marketing strategy. An eCommerce marketing expert can help you craft an effective plan to capture leads.

On-Page and Off-Page Content Marketing Strategies

An SEO company that serves eCommerce websites can assist with your current website layout and content as well as help you plan for your overall content marketing strategy so that you continually create useful and search engine-friendly content both for your site and pointing to your site that drives in more traffic.

SEO + Search Engine Marketing = Growth Potential

Beyond setting up, developing and optimizing eCommerce sites, an SEO company that focuses on eCommerce stores can also help with Google AdWords, email marketing, social media marketing, eCommerce marketing, eCommerce PPC, eCommerce web design and more.

Getting a steady stream of organic online traffic is good. Leveraging effective SEM techniques along with SEO can be a magic formula for company growth.

In a nutshell, a solid eCommerce SEO company will look at a variety of factors and leverage many tools and proven methods to help you turn your eCommerce site into not just a place where your customers can buy, but also a place that drives new customers and nurtures the connections you have through ongoing relationship-building. When you research eCommerce SEO services, you’ll want to look at reputation, case studies, the breadth of services offered and the cost of services. It won’t happen overnight and it’s not a set-it-and-forget-it scenario, but the right approach and ongoing analysis and action can help you get more targeted traffic, build solid relationships and grow your online store’s sales significantly.

How an eCommerce SEO Company Will Increase Your Website Traffic