Why You Need A Custom WordPress Designer

If there are so many free WordPress themes, why should a small business hire a custom WordPress designer?

In WordPress, design templates known as “themes” are ready for use out-of-the-box and can be switched out like a ‘skin’. Most are free, which is one big reason WordPress is adored so much.

Although they are convenient and have ample features, a free WordPress theme serves a fundamentally different purpose then a custom design. There are not too many free design templates that produce a steady stream of new leads and sales for commercial enterprises effectively, especially for companies with multiple business goals. A custom WordPress website template built from scratch can funnel website visitors into a desire sales funnel.

Custom WordPress Design Make Site Visits Count

You only have a few seconds to convince any given visitor that you have a site worth exploring or a product worth considering. The most appealing perk to get a custom design by a skilled WordPress designer is a sharp-looking site that makes your brand pop. Working with qualified designers will also serve all your custom application development needs. But that’s just the beginning. Every element on your website should make your calls-to-action as simple, smooth, and compelling as possible. A dynamic WordPress designer can help you find out how your target visitors tend to interact with websites and their features.

Creative Control

Many business owners are keen on managing each feature and detail of their new site to ensure the end product turns out exactly how they want. For this level of creative control, a template or even a premium theme will most likely fail to meet this common need.

If you’re a hands-on business manager who demands granular customization and want to be involved in the website production process every step of the way, hiring professional web designers is a no-brainer. Just be sure your web designer is accustomed to working closely with client input in the design. Checkpoints that allow for client sign-offs on every milestone like sitemap building and website content can make sure your input is heard.

Clients come to us regularly frustrated by one or several agencies that neglected to take their preferences seriously. Learn from others’ mistakes by hiring an agency with a reputation for responsiveness and close engagement to avoid ending up with a website that was not in your vision. It happens, more often than you might think.

Branding For Success

One of the key values in quality design is how well it communicates your brand. The purpose of branding is to provide customers with a live persona of your company and information about how to think about it. When branding translates to good web design, customers will receive a clear and consistent message about your business. That message should be that you are an established vendor to the services and products that your ideal customer is looking for.

Web design is more than just colors and layout. It must draw on an understanding of usability and visitor experience that reflects your brand to the fullest. When properly executed, visitors should be instantly immersed in your brand aesthetic as soon as they land on the homepage. A brand-immersive design helps visitors remember your business during purchasing decisions. More importantly, it also helps persuade them that you are deserving of their consideration.

Hire A Brand-Conscious WordPress Designer

The best way to understand the value of a custom WordPress Designer is to well…try it out! But always make sure there are checkpoints in place when working with a WordPress designers. This will allow you to make sure the designer that you hire is brand-conscious every step of the way to your brand new website.

Why You Need A Custom WordPress Designer