How to Begin a Relationship with an SEO Company

If you’ve made the decision to work with an SEO company, great! I’m sure you’ve already done the legwork to make sure they’re a great company, so I won’t go into that here. Of course, we also hope you’re working with us!

Anyway, you’re launching into an SEO campaign with a great company. That’s wonderful! They’ll definitely walk you through how things will start, but there are a couple of things that you can do on your end to make sure your relationship gets off to a fantastic start. Here’s a short list to go over and think about right now!

Make Your Expectations Known

Most people go into an SEO agency relationship having some expectations. Even if you don’t know much of anything about SEO, you probably still have some ideas in your head about what will be happening to increase your online visibility. Make sure to talk with your SEO Specialist or other account rep about what you’re expecting out of the relationship. We’re great at our jobs and we do what we can to delight you, but that doesn’t mean we can read your mind!

Voicing your expectations and concerns will help us do our work in a way that melds with your specific plan. This will help our relationship really take off from the very beginning!

Ask Questions

The SEO industry is as clear as mud to anyone who’s not working in it every day. There are no dumb questions!

If you’re unclear on how something works, what something means, or just need us to expand on our explanation of something, please ask! If you leave your questions unasked, that makes it harder for us to delight you with our work. We want you to know at a basic level what’s going on and be happy with it, so ask away!

Be Open to Suggestions

When you start working with us, we’re probably going to have suggestions for improving your website or investing in a certain kind of advertising. These things are not free. We get that, and we know you’re on a budget. Sometimes, there’s no room in that budget for anything else, and that’s okay! Just keep in mind that whatever we suggest, it’s because we’re really sure that it would help bring in more leads or sales. We want you to succeed, and we’ll suggest whatever we think will get you there. If the budget’s not there, just shelve the idea for another time.

Don’t Disappear

You’re busy – that’s why you hired us, right? To do work for you that you don’t have time to do for yourself? We know you’re swamped, but if we ask to meet with you or for you to answer some questions for us, it’s because we need those answers to do our best work. We can take educated guesses at things, but there’s nothing better than hearing those answers about your business right from you. We’ll be able to do a lot of work independently from you, but giving us the input we’re looking for will help us be more efficient with our time and just better able to perform well on your account.

So, don’t kick things off then disappear. Make sure you make just a couple quick minutes to answer our questions if we have them!

How to Begin a Relationship with an SEO Company