How To Determine If Your Digital Marketing Agency Is Out Of Date?

Are you concerned that the digital marketing agency you hired is not delivering the results you expected? What should you do if your digital marketing firm is out of date? When goals aren’t fulfilled, traffic isn’t what they expected, or the competition outperforms them, many businesses become frustrated. In certain circumstances, this is due to the use of outmoded technology.

The first step is to determine whether or not they are actually behind the times. It’s possible that this is why expectations aren’t being reached. We’ve put together a handy list to assist you figure out if that’s the case.

Determining if a Digital Marketing Agency is Behind the Times

This will sound similar to the Jeff Foxworthy (link) series of hillbilly jokes. You know the ones, the ones that begin, “You might be a redneck if…” “A digital marketing agency might be behind the times if…” – in this scenario.

  • The digital agency isn’t a master of Google Analytics – This goes for Google AdWords as well. These are two of the most common, useful, and powerful tools when it comes to digital marketing. Google Analytics should form the backbone of marketing campaigns as the data and insights available (for free no less) are second to none. How else can you easily track key performance indicators to measure goal progress?
  • They are not up to date on Google’s Best Practices– Google is the biggest influencer of internet activities. Not staying current on how to best utilize the internet prevents maximum effectiveness and ROI of all marketing activities.
  • They don’t follow Google’s Best Practices – Not following Google’s best practices for utilizing the web is a huge mistake and can incur penalties if your business is going against those practices.
  • The digital agency uses an email address that ends with “”- Be concerned if they use Blackberry’s and recommend flash-based websites as well. Businesses cannot realize maximum growth or ROI if they are using outdated means. Technology is a critical component of marketing in a digital world. A good digital agency should be fluent in all the current trends, hardware, and software to be able to effectively guide clients.
  • They don’t have a good understanding of Marketing Automation – The use of marketing automation is a must to stay on a competitive level with other businesses. There are simply too many social platforms, contact points, and channels that require some level of automation if you want to be effective.
  • The digital agency doesn’t promote their own business on the primary social media platforms – While there are plenty of marketing aspects that do not utilize social media, social media marketing (SMM) has become a huge trend the past few years. The digital marketing landscape is fluid and a business that does not stay abreast of and utilize current digital marketing trends is going to have a hard time promoting a client’s business.
  • They do promote themselves on social media and it looks awful – This speaks for itself. They should be able to promote themselves interestingly and engagingly on social media. If not, then how can they guide your business?
  • Their case studies are outdated – Results from five years ago are nice, but the marketplace changes month to month. It matters what has been accomplished recently, not a decade ago.
  • The digital agency lacks video ability – Video is one of the more important ways to influence customers with both information for buying decisions and increasing conversions. A current digital marketing firm should be aware of this and either has video fluency and ability or have a firm they outsource video marketing needs to.

While your business won’t suffer too much if a digital agency suffers from one of these concerns, two or more should be a bit of a red flag.

The Bottom Line
In the end, the only reason to terminate your digital marketing agency is if you aren’t seeing results. If you want to keep providing them with revenue, any firm you parent with ought to deliver constant value. It all boils down to a simple consumer transaction: money exchanged for goods and services. You can’t get decent outcomes with obsolete technology or methods in today’s fast-paced digital industry.

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