How to Generate Leads With SEO In 2021

Paid ads can be a quick way to generate website traffic that you can convert into leads, but SEO is still the traffic king. Organic search results get roughly 20 times more traffic than paid search results so SEO should be part of your lead generation strategy.

But not all traffic is created equal. Let’s look at how to focus your efforts to generate SEO leads.

User Intent is Critical for SEO Leads

The first step in any SEO campaign is to create a keyword list. This list contains words and phrases that people looking for information about your product or service would be likely to key into Google or other search engines.

An important thing to consider when deciding how to approach your search engine optimisation is the intent behind each keyword. There are two types of search intent:

1. Inform
2. Purchase

When someone is looking for information about a topic, they’re at the inform stage. They’re educating themselves about the topic and they’re less likely to become a lead at this stage.
Once they have enough data to feel like they can make an informed decision, they’ll progress to the purchase stage. They will be a far more qualified lead at this point, so this is where you should be focusing your lead generation efforts.

Let Google be Your Guide

Part of Google’s ranking algorithm is based on user behaviour. If someone clicks a link and immediately goes back to the results and clicks a different one, they can track that. If enough people do it for a given page, it’s going to cause that page to drop in the search rankings.

You can use this to your advantage. Once you’ve created your keyword list, search for them on Google and see what kind of content ranks first. If it’s mostly informative content, it’s not going to be an effective keyword for SEO lead generation.

If the top-ranked pages are more purchase-focused, that’s where you should be focusing your SEO traffic generation efforts.

Map Out Your Keywords

Once you’ve determined the intent behind the keywords on your list, you can map them out to different steps in your marketing funnel. Provide high-quality, informative content at the early stages to bring people into your funnel and focus more on lead generation as they move further through the funnel.

If you’re optimising all your content with organic SEO techniques, people could start at any point in your funnel. They might find your website after they’ve already gone through the inform stage on another site so don’t assume, they’re going to go from A to Z entirely with you.

Use New and Existing Content

It’s a good idea to regularly create new content to capture more and more traffic but don’t overlook the content you already have. Go back to update and optimise your existing content, especially pages that are already doing well in the search rankings.

You already know that content works but keeping it up to date will help it stay at the top of the search engines as well as ensure your visitors don’t think it might be outdated information. That way, it can continue to generate SEO leads for years to come.

Search engine optimisation can be time-consuming. The work itself takes time but you also need to stay on top of all the latest changes happening with Google and other search engines.

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How to Generate Leads With SEO In 2021