How White Label SEO Services Can Help Your Digital Marketing Agency

Every industry has its particularities when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO) tactics. Digital marketing agencies offer online marketing management services, such as social media advertising and pay-per-click (PPC) solutions.

However, to offer a full suite of digital marketing solutions they would use specialized SEO agencies or a team of SEO professionals to run comprehensive search marketing campaigns. When a marketing agency makes use of an SEO agency, the latter will provide the digital marketing agency with white-label reports. When the reports reach the clients, they will have the brand and details of the digital marketing agency. This is essentially how white label SEO services work.

The Broader Definition: White Labeling is a Tactic Used in Many Industries to Lower Costs

Companies from countries that have high production costs use this method to reduce expenses by paying another company (from a country with lower production costs) to produce their products or provide services. The products manufactured or services provided are branded with the label of the company that buys them, not the one that produced them. The buyer can then resell them under their brand.

The product manufacturer enjoys increased sales and higher profits, while the re-seller gains a product or service without building a factory or creating a new department.

Tip to the manufacturer: it’s also essential to choose the right time to outsource your services — check out this piece When is it a Good Time to Consider Outsourcing SEO?.

Why Does Your Digital Marketing Agency Need to Offer SEO Services?

White label SEO services offer all parties involved many advantages. A marketing agency, in particular, can increase their number of clients with an expanded offering while the SEO agency reaps ample financial rewards.

Digital marketing agencies must offer SEO services in USA. Here’s why:

For Current Clients:

Many digital agencies that do not provide SEO marketing find their clients asking for this service. Most customers prefer to have all their marketing needs seen to by one agency. are requested by their regular clients to introduce it. Your clients already know and trust you and your team; they don’t want to include another agency for SEO services. Listen to your customers — you will almost immediately increase your profits by adding SEO services to your value proposition.

Find an SEO provider with proven results in a country with a lower economy. The asking price for their white label SEO services will likely be low enough for you to resell the services at a higher price. You should invest some time and resources into finding the right agency for you and your clients’ needs. This exercise is a long game as SEO results take time to blossom. If you need a quicker fix, reach out to a well-known agency in town and get them to assist. This won’t win you immediate financial gain, but it will increase your profits as your average client lifespan is so much higher. And, both methods offer you the benefit of increasing the satisfaction of your clients.

For New Clients:

By offering full-scope digital marketing services, you’re bound to enjoy an increase in new client acquisitions. If you could claw back the clients you’re currently losing because you lack SEO services, it’s a guarantee you’d be enjoying fatter profit margins.

You may think the number of clients lost is small, but if you do the math, you’ll find your target market are clients looking for agencies offering a full package of services.

Two Ways an Agency Can Offer SEO Services

White labeling is the cheapest way to introduce SEO services to your menu of capabilities as it uses up less time and resources. The alternative is to create an SEO department in your business and while this is a costly exercise, it isn’t without perks. When you have your own SEO team you are in full control of the process. What’s more, coordinating between different departments is much easier to facilitate with an in-house team. Let’s have a more in-depth look your options.

In-House SEO vs. White Label SEO

A comparison between these methods may help you decide which is best for you. Here are the pros and cons of each option.

Benefits Offered by In-House SEO

This method will always have higher costs than the white label method. Although, if done right, the benefits are directly proportional to the investment.


Independence: You have complete control over the strategy used. On the other hand, by reselling white label SEO, the strategies used and results obtained depend entirely on your partner.

Client Information: By using the in-house method, you do not need to share any information outside your company. If you decide to resell white label SEO, then you must provide the necessary information about your clients.

Profit Margins: The potential for earning is higher than if you chose the white label option, but how much profit you can make depends on your company. You need to account for your brand reputation, your company’s general pricing and how good you are at running a lean operation.


Resource Scattering: A large part of your resources will have to go towards the new department. However, when choosing the white label SEO option you can focus all your resources on your existing clients and value proposition. But this depends on your company’s situation. Sometimes investments above a certain threshold won’t bring more profits and in such a situation it’s a good idea to develop an in-house SEO department.

Knowledge Accumulation: SEO is very complicated and, if you want to develop a good team, you will need a crash course search engine marketing. You can either find SEO experts or develop a team, but you need to have someone in the company that understands the skill level of your potential new hires.

Slower Start: It takes a lot more time to form an SEO team than to choose a white labeling service provider. If you find the right partner, you can offer your new SEO service almost immediately, whereas it will be months before you have a working SEO team.

These are the main factors that you should consider when thinking about in-house SEO. On the other hand, the white label SEO method can offer you some unexpected benefits.

Benefits Offered by White Label SEO

Besides the benefits mentioned above, there is still a long list of benefits from choosing white label SEO services.

Easy to Scale: This method is very easy to scale. It does not matter if you have a few clients or hundreds of them that want SEO services from you because there’s an entire company to take care of them. You are not constrained by the size of your team and you do not need to scale the department and invest more money. The limits depend only on the size of the company you selected. Even then, you can always find one more partner if the first reached its limits.

No Investments Needed: To do a good job you need more than computers and SEO experts. There are a lot of tools you need to acquire for the team if you want to produce results for your clients. But your white label partner will already have the tools, team and computers you need (as long as you found a trustworthy SEO company).

Low Effort: Your role in this type of partnership is similar to a middle man. You provide your partner with the client information and to your clients, you offer the SEO reports labeled with your brand. Some of your clients will have SEO-related questions, so you must be able to answer those or outsource this task to your partner as well.

High Quality: If you want to offer SEO services directly, with the in-house method, the quality of your services will be quite low in the beginning as even if your team has the expertise you don’t have enough experience. If you partner with an SEO agency, the quality of the SEO will be high from the start.

The benefits are good but you are probably wondering about the negative aspects of such cooperation? explains what you can do to prevent your partnership from turning negative.

More to Consider When Choosing an SEO White Label Partner

First, make sure you and your chosen partner value deadlines and respect the agreed-upon delivery dates equally. If you can’t deliver on project deadlines, your clients will end up bitterly disappointed and you will lose their project, and their loyalty. And secondly, you simply cannot lie about outsourcing your SEO services or you will lose the trust of your existing and potential clients. If you admit to outsourcing aspects of your services you can evade this problem. You do not need to offer very many details, only enough to make your clients feel appeased.

Stuck On How to Make the Right Choice?

You can use the information presented in this article to make your decision. However, there is no method that is the best. It all depends on the situation of your company and your ability to implement these methods.

This white label method is ideal for the agencies with a low number of SEO clients so they need only one or two experts to take care of the job. On the other hand, if your company is quite big already, with a growing number of potential SEO clients, then finding a white label partner helps you meet your current and future clients’ needs is a great solution.

How White Label SEO Services Can Help Your Digital Marketing Agency