Instagram comments and uses add-ons to integrate Instagram and WordPress

Every brand needs to have an Instagram profile for the best digital marketing in this day and age. Instagram is exceptionally beneficial when it comes to brand building and creating the right sized online audience. Instagram, being the trendy image sharing social media platform, you can use it to stir up interest as well as allow every type of content to stand out among the crowd.

This is all the truer when you have a WordPress site. If you are looking to maximize your brand exposure and increase conversions, you need to integrate your Instagram profile with your WordPress site. There are several ways of going about it, and the following post will provide you with insights regarding all the strategies you need to employ to use Instagram with your WordPress site.

How to buy Instagram comments and followers

The first thing you need to do before integrating Instagram with WordPress is to have a compelling profile. And with that we mean, an Instagram profile with an adequate number of followers and user interactions. So, if you are looking to increase the numbers before granting access to your WordPress site, you need to check out Instagram comments, followers, and likes from a reputable third-party service.

So, before we get into tips for integration, let us look at all the advantages that you can glean from such a partnership.

The pros of Instagram feed addition to WordPress site

The keyword here is enhancement. When you integrate Instagram feed to your WordPress site, you can maximize the growth and exposure, and they have greater control over the strengthening of the brand. The more you share after the integration, the better it is to achieve more exposure with photos and other engagement tools. The more you excel at garnering online engagement, the better it is for your venture as far as customer relationship is concerned. Adding an Instagram feed to the website also speaks volumes about your credibility. With regular posts, you can show that your project is relevant and a valuable player within the niche.

Instagram comments and uses add-ons to integrate Instagram and WordPress

Now, let us have a look at the vital integration tips.

The first step is quite obviously to log in to your account. You need to choose the right image that you want to embed and open it in a new tab. You can also select the URL from the address bar and copy-paste it on your WordPress site. Use the dashboard feature to navigate to the posts and pages.

Additionally, you will need to use plugins for the integration of Instagram and WordPress, and here are the three best that you can find on the internet.

Instagram Feed

If you are a beginner with integrating Instagram with your WordPress site, this is where you need to start. The Instagram Feed is extremely user friendly and easy to configure so that you can get set up within minutes. This is the best tool when it comes to showcasing images. Even the free version of the plugin comes loaded with bells and whistles. There are pro versions as well, which will provide you with the premium service all for a minimal cost. There are features like the pop-up lightbox and hashtag features that make Instagram feed the best plugin out there in its class.

The WP Instagram Widget

On the opposite end of the Instagram Feed, we have the WP Instagram Widget. This is perfect for users looking for the essential features minus all the bells and whistles. The WP Widget is extremely easy, and you will not need prior experience to use the tool. It means that the developers have left the styling of the feed and the gallery with the CSS of the site. That is the reason as to why thousands of WordPress users prefer the WP Instagram Widget as it allows the user to present the content with a minimalistic style and design.

WD Instagram Feed

If you are looking to unleash the creative genius within you and put in the effort, look no further than the WD Instagram Feed. Think about lightbox effects along with captions to create the most visually pleasing gallery ever, and you have the WD Insta Feed, loaded with customization options to the brim. Even with the free version, you will have excellent features and package offers to build your WordPress site like a pro. You can customize the thumbnail browser along with the image layouts. You can even go for the unlimited feed option.
These plugins will allow you to merge your Instagram profile with your WordPress site seamlessly and without much effort. All you need to do is put in the effort to go through a few review posts regarding the usability of the plugins to gauge the type that suits you the best. We are happy to have been of help.

Instagram comments and uses add-ons to integrate Instagram and WordPress