SEO Statistics That Everyone Should Know

Get some interesting SEO Statistics to help you understand your SEO journey.

Unfortunately, SEO is one of the most misunderstood digital marketing mediums out there today, and its infamy is definitely not deserved! So where does this damaged reputation stem from?

The response is likely to come from those very few who have tried to use SEO techniques over the years without much return on their investment. SEO debates eventually proceed and a poor reputation is established on the back of those who have not succeeded.

Why don’t we look at what the real SEO figures mean, instead of listening to hearsay and general public opinion? Gained from all of the heavyweights of the leading international industry, these SEO statistics tell you everything you need to know about SEO and more.

Google’s top 5 search results get up to 75% of the traffic

As one would assume, more traffic is earned by top performers, but who would have thought they would earn up to 75% of all their relative search term clicks. If you have built your page around multiple keywords with multiple different strategies at hand, re-assessing your current direction and implementing laser-accurate keyword targeting to gain the greatest advantage can be worth your time.

72% of Googles search users will find what they need on the first page

If your page isn’t showing on the first page of Google, then your site might as well not exist at all… Research suggests that the vast majority of people are finding exactly what they need on the first SERP, leaving everyone else in the dust.

Search results drive up to 300% more traffic than social media

Another awesome SEO Statistic that we found that cannot be ignored is the power of search results. Finding what you want is a lot easier if you search for it yourself, and the stats prove it! Google search terms are proven to deliver results that are more relevant, consistent and are easier to access than having to go through a third party website referral such as Facebook or Twitter links.

80% of search engine users report that they use organic search results rather than paid ads

Most internet users have a natural sense of caution about any form of ads, showing that organic outcomes are still king, and that PPC is just another solution, not the ultimate target. Competitive keyword ranking can be hyper-competitive and can take a long time, but that’s where the PPC comes in for a while to fill the void.

Organic SEO leads have a closing rate of up to 14.6 per cent, whereas outbound links only have 1.7%…

SEO Statistics show that using mail and print advertisements are old school techniques that seem to have fallen out of favour with the newer ‘hipper’ crowd. As the times move on, so should your marketing strategy, and organic SEO seems to be the current leader. Instead of falling behind and wasting more of your time on print advertising, why not get professional SEO done today?

81% of businesses consider their blogs to be a valuable asset

Not only are logs an excellent way to bring great content out to the masses, but it also offers great SEO opportunities where you can target and build a blogging strategy around unique keywords. Provide excellent content and, in one fell swoop, raise your rankings.

Leads gained via SEO cost up to 61% less than leads gained via outbound campaigns
Allowing customers to find you is the most ideal form of marketing that exists. With great keyword usage and laser-sharp audience targeting, the people who need you will most definitely find you, whereas using tactics such as cold calling can cause more harm than good in the long run.

Businesses that continually blog with high-quality content have more conversions

The more value you give to your customers, the more likely they are to see you in a favourable light, and Google is no exception here. By continuously updating your website with great, fun and high-quality content you’re not only refining your chosen keywords, but you’re also telling Google that you’re active and providing interesting content for everyone.

Mobile usage for internet searches has overtaken its desktop counterpart

Having a smartphone in your pocket is pretty much the equivalent of carrying your desktop around with you, except the majority of people nowadays have smartphones. This is having a large impact on SEO as websites need to be fully optimized for both desktop, tablet and mobile use to ensure you’re making the most of your potential SERP position.

Google makes changes to its search result algorithm roughly 500 times a year

While more often than not, these changes are rather small and ‘non-obtrusive’, every now and then they release major changes that can really upset the current rankings of the time. It’s important to continually update and re-work your SEO strategy based upon outcomes that the new algorithms are producing. Every update brings a set of new ranking opportunities along with it, so onto of the game to make the most of every new instalment.

The average time spent on a search result session is less than 1 minute long

It is important that the content of your respective web page is of high quality and designed to take the reader to where you want them to go, with just a few seconds to wow the reader. You will experience a higher conversion rate, as well as a higher click-through rate, by using custom landing pages that are created for the sole purpose of keeping readers on the website and leading them to sales.

The numbers on SEO statistics speak for themselves, and the vast mountain of proof points to SEO based on organic content being the best to rate you. These facts, of course, are just a small snippet of what there is still to enjoy by embracing a professionally designed organic SEO strategy, so stay tuned in the future to get more updates on SEO Statistics.

SEO Statistics That Everyone Should Know