The key to Creating a Winning Digital Marketing Strategy

In 2021, digital marketing will be a necessary aspect of doing business. Despite this, many organisations and marketers are out a living with a mediocre plan or no plan at all. This leads to more work, lower returns, and understandable irritation over time.

It’s time for a new beginning. You require a winning digital marketing agency. In this essay, we’ll go over the fundamentals of this strategy, as well as what you should consider and accomplish before starting your website or marketing campaigns.

Get comfortable with your customers

Who are your clients? If you can’t give a brief and well-informed answer to that question, you should start here before moving on to the next step. When marketers don’t know who their customers are or what they want, digital marketing is rarely successful. It produces an air of insincerity that pervades everything from web design to social media posts to films.

Survey the customers

You don’t have to take every one of the business’ customers out to lunch to pick their brain. Just survey them. Ask them why they decided to work with the business, what they were originally looking for, and what about their ads, website, or social media posts worked—or didn’t work—for them. Then, pair this survey data with what you’re seeing in Google Analytics, and you’ll have a pretty good picture of the business’ customers.

Build several personas

Every decision you make should be run through several customer personas. Group similar surveys together to start constructing these personas. It often helps to give them a name and biographical information, but what’s most important is that you think about your digital marketing in reference to who they are and what they want. For instance, if a majority of your customers like shopping on their phones but think your mobile site needs work, that’s a logical starting place for your efforts.

Think (or rethink) of marketing as an interconnected ecosystem

Just a few years ago, most businesses could get away with just having a website or—if they were advanced—a website and a Facebook account. Now, that limited-scope approach just isn’t going to cut it. Your digital marketing strategy needs to be diverse and account for multiple channels: videos, business listings, paid ads, display ads, and many more.

If you’re tackling each of these individually, you’re going to end up wasting a lot of time. Take a step back and instead look at them as being interconnected. That video you put all that time into editing isn’t just for YouTube. It can be used in social media posts, added to a business listing, featured on the website, or included on a landing page.

You might have heard the expression, “A rising tide lifts all boats.” It’s true here, too! Improve your business’ listings, and you’ll funnel more traffic to your website and lower your bounce rate. Make your core pages more conversion-friendly, and you’ll lower the cost-per-lead for your ads. If you want to start winning, you’re going to need to take this multi-pronged approach.

Automation should be at the heart of everything you do

Because of the vast digital marketing ecosystem, digital marketers are often overworked. Trying to keep control of all of those items and data at the same time is simply too much for any single person. The key to minimising your overall effort and making it manageable is automation.

First, work to automate anything tedious or especially time-consuming. This includes data collection, building reports, and more. If you hate doing it because it’s boring, it’s the perfect candidate to be automated. From there, analyze your daily routine and figure out what you can do to make your life easier. If you’re sending the same exact email, every single day, either automate it using software or at least turn it into a template.

You’ll be shocked at what you can do if you embrace automation and take the time to integrate it into your processes.

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The key to Creating a Winning Digital Marketing Strategy