How to increase the traffic to your website?

With consumer buying behaviour shifting towards online shopping and the pandemic that has locked people inside their houses, we face a significant increase in the number of online shopping websites today.

Almost every company, from large multinationals to small family businesses, has a website or an online presence. There is almost no barrier to entering an online purchasing site. Anyone with a computer and access to the internet can make their own website. Today, there are about 6 billion websites on the internet, with 550,000 new ones being added every day.

When you search for any keyword on Google relating what you are looking for, for example, “Restaurants near me” there are almost 200 million search results – websites shown.

The most reasonable question for any business or website owner to ask under this data explosion generation is – How to make your website stand out from the rest? If you want your website to rank first three in Google search engine, relating your keywords, and increase the chance of targeting consumers clicking in your platforms (click per search), you would need to do more than merely creating a website. You would need London SEO Agency and SEM to enhance your website and those traffic youʼre receiving.

Most of you might have already heard of SEO and SEM, but you probably donʼt understand how it works precisely.

What are SEO and SEM?

SEO standards for Search Engine Optimization. Simply put, it targets the Google search engine to enhance your website and let more potential customers find your website. You DO NOT pay for any advertisement but will improve your website content etc., accordingly.
Search Engine Marketing (SEM) guidelines. Paying for internet adverts, such as Pay-per-click, boosts your website’s visibility and exposure, as well as traffic . Get in touch with our London PPC agency.
Both SEO and SEM boost the visibility of your website on search engine results pages (SERPs).

How do SEO and SEM increase your website traffic and SERPs?

Before you learn about how SEO works, you need to understand how the Google search engine algorithm works. There are two types of traffic going to your website: First is Natural Traffic, Second is Paid traffic. Natural traffic is people clicking into your website through non-advertising methods, such as searching a keyword on Google directly or through a blog that links your website. Paid traffic is people clicking into your website through an online advertisement somewhere on the webpage that you paid.

Natural traffic is preferred by Google’s algorithm, which ranks websites with more natural traffic higher than those with purchased traffic. As a result, SEO will improve your search engine keyword ranking and generate more natural traffic for you by increasing the amount of natural, non-paid traffic that goes to your website.

SEM, on the other hand, uses paid search engine advertisements to improve brand awareness, exposure, and Click Through Rate (CTR) in a short period of time. You will produce large revenues as a result of bringing new potential clients to your website, which is a high and quick return on investment.

Feel free to contact us and submit a query to learn more about how SEO and SEM can help your organisation increase brand awareness and revenue. Finsbury Media is an digital marketing agency that has assisted hundreds of local businesses in establishing an online presence.

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How to increase the traffic to your website?

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