Officially, the new decade has started, meaning that more and more people are pursuing a healthy lifestyle and are returning to “battle shape.”

One of the first ways they’re going to do this is to look for a new gym they can work out at. That’s where they can draw on your workout!

However, there are more than likely several options for those target customers to choose from. How can you turn your gym into the gym that pops as option “A” on Google’s local search results page?

Here’s how you can maximize your local gym SEO and gain more traction to your website!

1. Research Your Keywords

One of the biggest factors in driving local search engine optimization (SEO) will be the keywords that you use on your website.

These keywords can refer to your gym in any way, such as the facilities you provide, the type of gym you are (EX: CrossFit gym) or the classes you are offering.

Some of you out there may already have a firm idea of what those keywords look like, others of you may not know where to start. You can always start by researching the keywords your target customers are using.

The key (no pun intended) is to find keywords that are high in volume but low in keyword density. Those will gain you access to keywords with a high amount of searches and the least amount of competition.

Next up, be sure to find keywords with buying intent behind them. Those are the ones you want going directly to you before anyone else.

For instance, someone might search for “yoga classes in Tampa”. Obviously, anyone that searches that term has an intention to find what they feel is the best yoga class in Tampa and buy a membership for it.

Use these keywords with buying intent to your advantage by placing them in your product descriptions, the home page, and blog articles.

2. External Links

There are two types of links that you’ll want to prioritize embedding into the content on your website: internal and external links. Both are an essential piece to the local SEO puzzle.

External links are links that send your site readers to useful content (relevant to the topic of your content) on other sites. 

That may sound counterintuitive, but it’s essential for driving your website up the ranks of Google’s algorithm. Google strives to only send readers to sites they believe will best answer the question of their search.

While there are many different factors that it considers in its “top results” page, external links to high-quality content rank among the highest.

3. Internal Links

On the other hand, internal links are embedded links which take the readers on your own site to valuable information and products / services.

It’s the best way of directly pointing readers to the services your gym has that can fill their needs. 

For example, if anyone reads your article on Personal Training Benefits, you can have an internal connection in the word ‘free training session.’This connection will take you directly to your free consultation offer with one of your trainers.

These internal links are highly important and need to be strategized. They should all have a direct intent behind them. Doing so can help raise your local SEO ratings and conversion rates simultaneously.

4. Monitor Google Reviews

One of the biggest considerations that Google has for promoting local business is only presenting those it deems “legitimate”.

How does it determine which businesses are legit? One of the biggest ways is through online reviews of your gym.

In reality, the fastest way for you to ascend up the search results in this category is through Google My Business reviews. So, instead of waiting for people to do so on their own, ask all the representatives to write a glowing review on Google.

Don’t see enough people interested in the comments even after you query? Initiate an incentive plan for those who write reviews online.

More importantly, don’t just look at the number of your reviews, look at the quality.

SEO isn’t the only essential part of your business. You need to take all the reviews that you see online into consideration. How can your gym get better? What are your clients saying about your service? Build your brand accordingly.

5. Track and Repeat

What’s the most beautiful aspect of building your gym’s local SEO presence? It isn’t a do or die scenario.

Even if you make a few hiccups on your first attempt at things like keywords, internal links, and reviews, you can always go back and make adjustments.

The most important thing is to make educated adjustments. In other words, always have your adjustments backed up by research and results. Set up a Google Search Console and monitor the results of your local SEO efforts.

You can see how your local SEO ranks from all of your campaigns up to the very second that you pull up the page. You’ll never wonder about where you stand on local SEO ever again.

Get Your Local Gym SEO Flourishing Today!

Now that you’ve seen the importance and methods of driving your local gym SEO standings, it’s time to get things in motion.

Be sure to read this article on how to  win with local search optimization for more tips and tricks regarding the topic of local gym searches.

/For more inquiries, get things started by using our free SEO Checker and we’ll be happy to get you started down the right path today!

The Ultimate Local Gym Search Engine Optimization Guide