Top 5 YouTube Ads For Businesses In 2022

The most popular social media site in America may be changing, and it’s not because of Twitter or Instagram. YouTube has been gaining more users than Facebook every year with an estimated 22 billion visits per month which places them right behind Google when considering global internet traffic expected by marketers at 82%.

YouTube is a major player in digital marketing, but understanding the differences between its ad options can be tricky. There are five basic types of YouTube ads you need to know:


Skippable in-stream video ads are a great way to get your content seen by viewers without interruption. Ads can play before or during videos, and they have the unique feature of allowing people who don’t want it after five seconds choose whether or not they would like continue watching. When using this format you must make sure that each ad lasts at least 12 seconds but is recommended no longer than 3 minutes because if people stop viewing an advertisement within these time frames then there isn’t much chance for them advertiser will be charged!

The TrueView ad format allows users to skip an advertisement after 5 seconds. A recent study by YouTube found that people are 75% more engaged when they decide whether or not watch the video in their campaign, so don’t overlook this opportunity for increased conversion rates!


With over 65% of people now skipping ads when given the option, it’s more important than ever to have a high quality and engaging content. Enter non-skippable advertisements which ensure your audience sees every second! These short but sweet videos play before or during any video with no way for viewers (or customers) alike not watch them; they’re stuck on repeat until their time is up.

You might be wondering why non-skippable ads cost more than skips. Well, instead of paying for every minute you watch an ad (which would translate into money spent), these advertisers pay per thousand views – meaning they only get charged when someone sees their ads and clicks on it!


Google says that 90% of viewers will never skip a non-skippable six seconds ads, which makes them an efficient and scalable way for marketers to get their message across. Bumper Ads are very popular because they play right before YouTube Advertising making it easy with little time investment from advertisers who can quickly see if the advertisement was successful in gaining attention from potential customers or not by tracking view rates on each video after its completion


In-feed video ads are a great way to get your brand in front of potential customers. They can appear on the home feed, watch list or search results pages for people who have watched specific videos online and may not even know they’re advertising!

YouTube has introduced new in-feed video ads that remind viewers your content is a paid result. They will see an thumbnail image and three lines of text for this type if ad, so it’s important not to get confused with other types like discovery which they changed names too recently November 2021 hoping making more direct would help advertisers choose appropriately based off their goals while these do seem beneficial overall but can be expensive especially compared against other options available on site.


Video marketing is great, but it can be expensive. That’s where non-video ads come in! They allow you to target your audience with Google AdWords and get front of an engaged viewer without having thousands on video production costs blow up right away
The first step should always be finding out what kind or content will work best for them.

YouTube offers marketers two types of non-video ad options: display ads and in video overlay. Display Ads appear on the screen’s right hand sidebar as an image, text with website link for more information about this advertisement style from Google’s advertising platform which will carry out cost per click (PPC) bidding campaigns at varying prices depending upon how much time is left until conclusion so it becomes cheaper or expensive based upon your requirements; while IivOvertiser Video Ad Overlay allows advertisers to place their advertisements over top certified partner channels’ content without interrupting viewers’ viewing experience like traditional commercials do – meaning that you can advertise using these.

YouTube is a 2 billion user strong platform for brands to market themselves. Because of this huge base, when users are online and searching on YouTube their search results will include your company’s advertisement whether or not you pay them directly with adsense revenue which generate extra money through advertisements that appear during video playback rather than before it starts like other websites do (which can sometimes be inconvenient). I share even more insights about how best use these Google properties in creating successful campaigns aimed at reaching potential customers while they’re already engrossed scrolling though content.

Top 5 YouTube Ads For Businesses In 2022


Youtube advertising types for businesses in 2022