10 Proven SEO Techniques You Need to Know in 2022

Looking for advanced SEO techniques to help catapult your website’s organic traffic to the optimum level in 2022?

Welcome to this ultimate guide that unveils useful SEO tips and tricks to follow in 2022!

Google continues updating its algorithms to provide users with the best experience; therefore, as an SEO expert, you should polish your techniques in order to stay in the race.

In this guide, you will learn about ten valuable SEO techniques that help you drive more traffic to your site. Here you go!

1. Analyze Competitors’ Best Pages

The more you analyze your competitors’ pages, the better results you will achieve.

When you deeply analyze your competitors’ sites, you get a chance to understand why a particular approach is working in favor of your competitors.
Hence, it would be best to find out your competitors’ best-performing pages so that you can get a crystal clear picture of where they are driving organic traffic from. You can identify:

• Keyword and content gap
• Link placement gap
• How to improve my written content

How to find competitors’ best-performing pages?

Panic not! You can use credible tools like SEMrush, Ahref, Keyword Planner, etc. Simply open these tools and enter your competitor’s URL.
These tools showcase the site’s estimated organic traffic and performance graph.

2. Create a Mobile-Friendly Site

Almost 50% of organic traffic comes from mobile phones. Accordingly, building a mobile-friendly website is the topmost requirement for many businesses.

In times like these, Google follows a mobile-centric approach to crawling sites. Thus, creating a mobile-friendly site helps Google spiders and crawlers to scan the data easily.

3. Come Up With an Effective Content Strategy

While creating a content strategy, you need to focus on these two areas:

• Optimizing already written content
• Crafting new content

The first area is the best option to consider. Avoid writing content blindly. Your written pages should have a purpose; accordingly, you should carefully craft a strategy to form new content.

The most proven way to accelerate a content plan is to analyze the keyword gap. This step will help you write content about the keywords driving considerable organic traffic.

• Keep Meta Title and Description Concise and Engaging

You need to ensure that your Meta title and description are performing well. Short and attractive titles and descriptions draw readers’ attention to your site; thus, writing SEO-optimized and concise titles and descriptions is an important part of search marketing.

You have to include primary keywords in these parts. Moreover, make sure that they have a natural flow to compel users to click your page.
Write titles and descriptions, not more than 60 and 160 characters. Otherwise, Google will truncate all the exceeding characters. This can confuse the readers. How do I write clickable titles and descriptions in this restricted character count?

Say goodbye to the title and description writing worries with an ultimate word counter. A word counter online tool helps you stay inside the character limit and create enticing titles and descriptions.

This tool assists you in ensuring that you have reached a specific character limit. Furthermore, an online word count tool also lets you know the keyword density.

Besides counting characters and words, it also improves your writing style and word choice. Also, you can use this tool to check the article’s length.

In a nutshell, it assists you in honing your writing skills and creating catchy titles and descriptions.

4. Focus On Internal Linking

In order to appear in the SERPs, you should focus on the internal linking process. But it can be a time-consuming task. For example, what will you do if one team crafts content and the second team publish that content?

Obviously, you will contact the second team to make sure that the linking process is properly followed or not.

5. Speed Optimization

Research showed that page speed is not a ranking factor, but it influences the optimization level. Page Speed Insight tool can help you check your page and site speed.

This tool can assist you to measure the optimization quality and loading time of users.

6. Leverage Your Competitors’ Broken Back links

You can build quality back links with perfection by stealing your competitors’ broken back links.

In this way, you can craft content that best fits the links. This step will give you the best opportunity to reach out to the content that could replace that broken link.

Plus, it will also assist you in preventing your site from a bad user experience.

7. Show Google That You Are a Topical Expert

Remember, Google only ranks pages that cover a search query comprehensively. Therefore, you must focus on optimizing topics rather than a single keyword.

In order to stand out from the crowd, you should showcase your grip on the topic. In this way, you can show Google that you are a field expert.

In short, supporting your content can catapult your main page to rank higher and drive more organic traffic.

8. Use Original Images in Your Content

High-quality images add more spices to your content. What type of images should you incorporate on your site?

Remember, including duplicate images can lower you pages ranking. Hence, use original images in your content. It would be best to hire a graphic designer to work for your company.

9. Add a Comment Section on Your Site

Creating a comment section on your site can help you in multiple ways.

• It is a direct ranking factor.
• It is content that Google crawls.
• It gives readers more information to scan. So, it can improve dwell time.

That’s why you have to put tremendous effort into the comment section.

10. Incorporate Content Features into Your Homepage

Content features make your content more captivating and valuable. These are:

• Summaries
• Quote box
• Pros and cons list
• Compare and contrast charts

Bottom Line

Now it’s your turn to rank on Google!

There you have it: 10 advanced SEO techniques to work super well in 2022. Best of luck! Contact our SEO Agency for all your SEO support.

10 Proven SEO Techniques You Need to Know in 2022

Analyze Competitors’ Best Pages •
Create a Mobile-Friendly Site •
Come Up With an Effective Content Strategy •
Keep Meta Title and Description Concise and Engaging •
Focus On Internal Linking •
Speed Optimization •
Leverage Your Competitors’ Broken Back links •
Show Google That You Are a Topical Expert •
Use Original Images in Your Content •
Add a Comment Section on Your Site •
Incorporate Content Features into Your Homepage

SEO Techniques for business wanting to rank their website  in 2022