Use the Skyscraper Technique To Improve Your SEO

Use the Skyscraper Technique To Improve Your SEO

It’s common knowledge that backlinks are one of the most important aspects of search engine optimization today. Google uses backlinks because if content creators and editors on the web think that a piece of content is useful, it probably is. The algorithm is deferring to the human.

Google’s guidelines clearly state that the best strategy for backlinks is to create high-quality and relevant content. Google specifically penalizes attempts to game the algorithm by flushing out spammy tactics that attempt to abuse the system. So, when it comes to your link-building strategy, it should focus on good and relevant content. One great way to do that is with something called the skyscraper technique.

Understanding the Skyscraper Technique

out how to get links to existing content. A quick overview is that you find content that already ranks well for a given search term, and then you make something better. By basing your work on top performers, you can be sure that your content is relevant. This focus on building superior content helps you stand out. Once you have created and published a better piece of content, you have to share it with select people so that they know that it exists.

Figuring Out Where To Pitch Content

This step is one of the most important, so I’m going to start here. The prevailing wisdom in SEO today is that you should spend more time promoting content than creating content. For that reason, it’s a good idea to get a grip on who the right people to share your content with might be. Knowing who to pitch your article to when it’s finished is the key to making this technique work.

One thing that is a little different with the skyscraper technique is that it relies on finding people who have already linked to similar content. Track down editors who have already shared the link that you are basing your content on and share your improved piece with them. Don’t stop there, though. Look for leaders in the industry that you are targeting and pitch it to them too. Be targeted with your pitches to make sure that you are getting relevant and high-quality backlinks.

Finding the Top Existing Content

This is the easy part. Only you know what you are best equipped to talk about. Go and search on Google for topics in your area of expertise. You can also use a backlink checker to help dig up the types of places that are linking to this content. Not only will this help you make sure that you will be able to get relevant backlinks, but it also gives you a list of sites to work with when it comes to pitching your content.

Creating Better Content

There are a lot of ways that the content you produce might be better than the content that already exists. Remember, the algorithm is deferring to the human, so write something humans want to read. For that reason, how your content is designed is an essential aspect of this technique.

Humans like things that look nice. If you can craft something with a superior visual design, it will go a long way to improving chances that the human editor who reads your content will like it and link to it. Add charts, focus on readability, and use images where it makes sense. Sometimes, just making something that looks better is all that you need to do.

If you are fortunate, you might stumble across a high-ranking article that is simply outdated. By crafting something more timely, you can improve on what is already out there. The update also gives you an excellent angle when pitching your content. It’s best to use this in conjunction with other techniques when the opportunity arises.

Better content is not necessarily longer, but sometimes that is just what a piece needs. Perhaps the high-ranking content is shallow and could do with some depth. If that is the case, go ahead and use your expertise to add the missing depth from the subject. This strategy of going longer usually works best when you go above and beyond. An incremental improvement might not be worth linking to, but a drastic improvement will get some attention.

At the end of the day, the skyscraper method is one of the best ways to create high-ranking content. It doesn’t rely on loopholes or spammy tactics that will one day be caught and punished by Google. It is perfectly in line with the goals that Google has, which are that backlinks should be organic and based on superior content. Instead of wasting your time writing blind or employing questionable tactics, go find out what people are already reading and make it better.


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Understanding the Skyscraper Technique•
Figuring Out Where To Pitch Content•
Finding the Top Existing Content•
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