What Does a Digital Marketing Agency Do?

What does a digital marketing agency do?

Marketing has drastically changed in the past few years with the invention of the internet. Traditional marketing used to rely on radio, TV and billboards. Now though, marketers can advertise to millions of people who are on the web daily searching for products and services that will make their lives easier. For small businesses who want to sell to these individuals, they typically rely on the service of digital marketing experts.

So, what does digital marketing agency do? A digital marketing agency can assist with website design, search engine optimization,PPC advertising, and social media marketing. These are all new forms of marketing that occur on the World Wide Web.
What Does a Digital Marketing Agency Do?

Website Design

The first introduction to a business that’s marketing online is through its website. A digital marketing agency has a professional team of designers who are trained in creating aesthetically pleasing and intuitive websites for clients such as small business owners or corporations. These graphic designers understand how to create simple layouts that are easy to navigate so that customers can easily find the information or products that they’re looking for.

Digital Marketing and SEO

One of the key elements that a digital marketing agency will assist a small business with is search engine optimization. This involves optimizing a website with specific keywords that relate to the products or services that the owner of a website is trying to sell. This allows Google’s robots to understand what each page of a website is about and use that information to place each page in the appropriate area of its search engine results pages. This allows potential customers to land on the website when they search for the same terms. The website owner benefits by making a sale and the customer benefits by finding the solution to their problem.


Another way that a digital marketing agency assists corporations or small businesses is by handling their pay per click marketing campaigns. It takes a lot of know-how and expertise to successfully run a pay per click campaign on Google’s search engines. A digital marketing agency has experts who are proficient in writing ad copy, split testing, and analyzing results. They can help companies discover new keywords to use and also find out which keywords are working best for the competition.

Social Media Marketing and the Role of a Digital Marketing Agency

Social media has blown up over the last five years. With the introduction of Facebook and Twitter, digital marketers have discovered a new way to reach customers. A digital marketing agency can assist clients with these two popular platforms.

Facebook has a feature that is called Facebook Pages. It allows a business to profile their brand. A digital marketing agency can assist with setting up this page and help a business with creating content. When the content is shared by fans of the page, it helps increase traffic to the client’s main website.

A digital marketing agency can also help clients who want to utilize Twitter. By taking advantage of short videos that are allowed on this platform or organized Twitter chats, businesses can increase their engagement with all types of customers.

What Does a Digital Marketing Agency Do?