You Need SEO & PPC – How to Choose the Right Digital Marketing Agency

If you’ve started reading this article, chances are high that your company’s online visibility is dismal, you aren’t getting many sales off online, and you may not even know exactly what it takes to achieve your sales goals.

Most businesses start exploring SEO and PPC as ways to attract website visitors and increase revenue. Yet very few take the time to learn HOW these services achieve this, how SEO and PPC are offered, and what makes the agency an expert partner for executing these strategies.

This article is intended to help businesses understand the navigational process for finding their ideal digital marketing agency partner; it will explore areas for consideration that ultimately solidify a successful and profitable relationship.

What is the Digital Marketing Agency’s Approach?

When you start having conversations with vetted agencies, pay attention to their approach when executing multiple strategies. Here’s the thing, the best SEO agencies in London City offering paid media as an additional strategy always focus on the client’s actual business goals. Then they create a strategy that takes paid and organic, and aligns them to not only talk to one another but to do so on a direction set to help their clients actually achieve their growth goals.

You Need SEO & PPC – How to Choose the Right Digital Marketing Agency

An ideal digital marketing partner will open up the conversation by asking you questions about your business. From understanding your sales cycle to your client buyer personas, someone truly focused on YOU as opposed to tooting their own horn of capabilities is a sure sign that the strategy will be rooted in understanding your business, brand, and what it takes to achieve your growth.

How SEO and PPC are Delivered

Nine out of 10 digital marketing agencies run SEO and PPC as separate entities; paid marketing teams do their thing and organic strategists do theirs. This is not ideal. Look for digital marketing agencies that run SEO and PPC as a unified strategy comprising of two sub-strategies.

SEO and PPC can easily leverage one another and help maximize results. From sharing CTRs on various PPC campaigns with the SEO team, to organic strategists sharing their organic landing page analytics with the paid media department, cross-departmental data can provide optimization opportunities across the board that will help excel the client’s ability to hit their growth goals. In fact, even more advanced strategies in paid media can be improved with SEO data. For example, when attempting to improve your Google Display Network campaigns, SEO data on audience targeting can help in big ways. SEO and PPC are always at their best when run together, and the best UK digital marketing agency will use this hybrid strategy in their services.

The Best Digital Marketing Agency Has Multiple Solutions

Let’s say you find what appears to be your ideal agency. The team seems to be top of their game, communication is solid, and the PPC / SEO strategy is clearly better than anything else presented. But then what? If you are able to hit your growth goals, is there a plan put in place to help you recognize what the next goal should be, and is there a potential for running a new strategy to help you hit new-found goals?

Or should you be doing that strategy now? Based on your industry, products, and sales cycle, you may be an ideal candidate to evolve your SEO and PPC services into a custom growth marketing stack–a comprehensive set of tools and strategies designed to work together and achieve the same goal.

Your ideal digital marketing agency will have a Growth Stack offering, and they should do a deep exploratory dive with you to see if there is a potential fit.

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You Need SEO & PPC – How to Choose the Right Digital Marketing Agency