A Simple Formula to Perform Competitor Analysis for SEO

Understanding Competitor Analysis

SEO campaign is meaningless without a clear beginning. Competitor analysis can help you with the right beginning and guides you through to your target.

Universally this is the most ignored step. We tend to focus more on mapping keywords, content optimization, and link building.

By diverting our focus to understand our competitors and analyzing their influence in the market,

we can obtain an extensive interpretation of our desired target and concentrate on areas of our shortcomings.

Who? What? Which? You Shall Discover the Answer by Yourself Even Before You Complete Reading This Blog

Who stands on top globally with respect to organic visibility?

What keywords to bet on?

Which are the potential challenges tobacklink strategies?

When they are clubbed together, analyzed and implemented, they create a road map for your web site’s organic traffic.

Is Competitive Analysis That Significant in SEO? Definitely Yes: Let’s Help You Understand Why

Firstly, it provides you with the data about the best trade secrets of all the industries that have vigorously gained much of the users’ attention.

Provides you with complete guidelines about betting on promising keywords.

A complete picture on the areas that you need to concentrate on with the help of the insights to organize an outstanding professional team and perform target oriented tasks.

A detailed protocol to assist with your smooth SEO campaign.

How to identify your potential competitors, their strengths and weaknesses.

With this you can build a strategy to work on the competition to outshine them by working on the pros and cons of the competition.

Recognize and Distinguish Your Competitors

– They Could Be On-line or Off-line or Just Anywhere Around
The first few (ranking below 5) competitors that you identify from this analysis are the nearest threat to you.

Identifying your competitors would be an ideal step to begin.

You might assume identifying your competitors is very simple with Google being your partner.

Yes no doubt, identifying them is simple. But just Google search might not be the answer.

Let’s Classify the Various types of Competitors

Obvious competitors (offline – professional associations from clients)

Payers (competitors) to advertisers for online research.Physical competitors (by location – close or distant)

This classification helps you understand the actual relationship between geographical and professional competitors, and concept of payers to the advertising industry for online research, which is trending On line.

Explore the design sheets for your competitor research given by Google
The need for the hour to amplify your outcomes is consistent and sincere attempts to reach multiple customers with the aid of a clearly specified process.
Without wasting much time and energy on irrelevant studies, we have developed this template to emphasise the strategies and obtain accurate analysis of your reports.

Google Competitor Analysis Sheet Template Provides You:

*The key points of the data collected.

*Tools necessary for the same.

*Grading of metrics depending on identical themes.

This Collected Information Corresponds to:

Domain authority similar to a SEO Metric

The amount of traffic generated from this competition.

The keywords leading to this traffic.

Backlink profiles of your competitors and its vastness.

We Present a Bird’s Eye (Graphical Representations) for Vital Metrics to Assist You in Recognizing the Powerful Backlinks.

This template can be utilized as a “base source”, and can be further modified to suit your client’s targeted results and also to identify the metrics that are most appropriate and actionable.

Ever Heard of Gap analysis for Your Backlinks?

This research allows you to identify the websites that are guided (linked) to your competitors without heading to your website. Now, this is a vital piece of information that allows you bridge the loop between backlink profiles of your competitors and in turn upgrades the ranking authority of your website by acquiring current competitor links from these websites.

The websites that connect to one or more rivals (in particular above three) are our indirect objectives, using which we can post our guest content.

This Report Can Be Obtained in a Few Simple Steps:

Go to the Moz Website

Open the Site Explorer.

Enter the the domain name of your first competitor.

Next click on “Linking Domains” directed on your left.

Now click on “CSV Request” to access the desired data.

Follow These Quick Steps :
*Select Hide sheets, after you right click on any of the tab. Now only the tabs in “blue” and “green” colors will appear

Secret Recipe
Most of our backlinks are obtained in the initial stages, when you begin campaigning of your SEO.

This is how we have our ready backlinks for most of our customers during SEO Campaigning.

This data helps you build links over a period of time without exhausting your valued time and resources in collecting links from highly ranked authorities.

The key take away from this is we have a great raw material for a successful extension and establishment from the campaign.

Your Analysis Is Not Complete Without Analyzing Your Keywords Gap

This process determines the top keywords that your competitors own as compared to your website.

From this process on, we converse your analysis to understand the reason for top ranking of keywords of your competitors, and target at reaching your keywords to the same competency.

This Procedure Often Involves:
*Revising your meta data.

*Modifying the architecture of your site.

*Streamlining and restructuring your content.

*Introducing new and competitive content suitable to the keyword’s theme.

*Linking your keywords progressively to reach your content.

This report follows the same process as that of backlinks excluding the source of the data.

To Refresh the Steps for You:
Head to SEMrush

Key in the domain name of your first competitor.

Select the menu on the left navigation leading to “Organic Research”

Now click on “Export” button on your right.

Your CSV file is now downloaded, paste this content in the “Competitor 1” tab in “Keyword Import”.

Follow the same steps for your 2nd to 4th competitors.

The desired report multiplies on the Analysis tab of “Keywords Gap” highlighted in green.

The Result Should Appear Similar to This:

This would be your ideal starting data to pile up documents for strategic complex “Keyword Mappping” for SEO campaigning of your clients.

The key here is to focus on the most relevant keywords rather than assuming thousands of keywords that are way too common.

By focusing on the importance of the keywords and the topic, Keywords Research Analysis helps to revamp the content to rank on top.

Furthermore, the analysed report helps to push your editorial calendar, as you can discover the keywords and subjects that would inspire you to design and create new content to challenge your competitors.

You can take this to the next level when preparing your marketing strategy by reviewing and picking up the best ‘Base sources’ to improvise your marketing from the current rankers.

In order to further improvise and devise a full resource package for related topics, you can then collate the top “content base sources” from different competitors.

Your SEO Strategy Is Driven by the Pivotal Insights From Your Audit

Well, your task doesn’t end by merely generating reports, but implementing them as per the collected data is also crucial.

You can incorporate/upload insights on the 1st tab of your spreadsheet template, from your analysis utilize them to manage and drive your campaign strategy.

Few insights that you can take away from this article:

*The mean count of the domains referred by your competitors.

*How this correlates to your backlink profile.

*Content creation must be the point of focus of your campaign, if you stand behind your competitors with respect to backlinks.

*In any case, if you are lagging behind your competitors in terms of backlinks, you understand that you need to begin a campaign on link building at the earliest.

*The most crucial insight we earn is who are the vigorous competitors in Pay Per Click (PPC) and what are the keywords of high commercial reach that they bet on for competing organically for potential conversions.

Competitor Analysis Done, Reports Generated, Key Insights Incorporated, What Next? Yes You Guessed It Right, Implement Them in Your Workflow

Quick Recap for Your Immediate Action:

* SEO competitor analysis is the most unnoticed process in designing a strategy for digital marketing. Pay attention to it.

*It assists you to strategically build distinctive and composite SEO campaigns with the easily available information of your industry.

*This will put your website on top overnight by giving your competitors a big run for their money against the SEO programs with cookie cutters that they generally follow.

Is this not as straightforward as it sounds? Right away, enforce this procedure.

You may also change it according to the relevance of your organisation and the requirements of your client.

Can you do us a favour before you get too busy applying the Seo Competitor Research strategy?
Please leave a preview of your design spreadsheet below.

A Simple Formula to Perform Competitor Analysis for SEO