Why you should make Followerwonk a part of your content marketing strategy

Followerwonk is a handy social analytics app which is brought to us by the same people as Moz, the SEO software. If you work in influencer marketing, Followerwonk is particularly useful for clients that are looking for influencers/bloggers with a high Twitter followership.

However, finding influencers is not the only thing that Followerwonk will allow you to do. It is also a great tool for the following:

  • Competitor Benchmarking
  • Audience Profiling (age, gender, location)
  • Content Discovery

The ‘Search Bios’- Feature

The ‘Scan Bios “feature helps you to take a closer look at Twitter users. I was searching for Twitter profiles of users who had an interest in cloud computing in the examples below.

The findings that were returned to me showed me influencers in their bios that feature the word ‘cloud computing.’ This enables me to then contact the influencer in order to work on this subject together or provide them with any insightful information / statistics that they may be able to use. It is all about finding users that are passionate about the topic you approach them for.

The ‘Compare Users’-Feature

For competitor benchmarking, this feature is very useful. For example, we may compare one brand to another similar brand and then examine their followers and likely address users who participate in the space with the competing brand.

As well as more deeply evaluating Twitter followers, we can take a closer look at the engagement rates of our rivals to see if they outperform us on their social media platforms. It will have useful insights into what kind of content rivals are hosting and why it works well.

The ‘Analyse’- Feature

The ‘Analyse’-feature looks at a lot of handy data such as:

  • Most mentioned users
  • Most mentioned domains
  • Most important Tweets
  • Users they follow
  • Their followers in more detail


As a free and paid-for version, Followerwonk is available. As a Moz user, as part of your subscription, you will be able to use the paid-for version. Although Followerwonk alone will not be able to inform your content strategy, it will provide you with useful insights into your audience, the audience of your competitors, and some more thorough profiling of the audience. Many brands placed a huge emphasis on the actions of Twitter, and rightly so, particularly when social data from other social platforms such as Instagram is not easily accessible like for example Twitter data. Informing your content strategy will allow you to target the right audience as well as go after the right influencers to share your content on their platforms.

Why you should make Followerwonk a part of your content marketing strategy