Differences Between Web Design & Development?

Today, if you want to redo your website, perhaps thinking something like “Do you really need a web designer or a web developer?” You will likely ask yourself if web design or web development is the same thing. With much discussion and confusion over the topic in the present, let’s try to discuss some of the basic differences between website design and website development today.

Perhaps you are also interested in know more on web design, what should you know if you want to learn web design.

Web Designer Focus On A Website Look

First, let’s bring attention to the basics of web design. Web designers are primarily responsible for creating the theme, design, images, and layout of a website.

Website designers are responsible for developing the visual elements of the website using graphic design tools, typically have a deep knowledge of branding, user interface design, branding, SEO, and other strategic tactics.

Internet designers UX designers tend to focus on usability and user experience, i.e., how your website functions and it’s usability.

Some web designers and many non-designers can operate and understand some html and css codes but, they do not have the know-how and the advanced skills to use these coding languages or accomplish advanced coding functions.

Web Developers Focus On Website Functions

Web designers are responsible for how their websites look and feel, but web developers actually work to implement these ideas and concepts and create a functioning website in response.

On the exterior, web design, or graphics design, is responsible for making the car look and feel a particular way when it is being driven.

In short you are an engineer, but as a web developer, you should think as a designer as well as a developer as these three do really make an impact.

Web designers each design the website – developers who participate in implementation, can also two categories: newbies, experienced professionals.

  • Front-end web developer – A front-end web developer is a website creator, who builds the various “front end” elements of a website, like individual web pages and themes, typically using a CMS like WordPress. Other languages for this kind of coding include HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Back-end web developer – Developers on a PHP back-end service, often know more programming languages such as PHP, JavaScript, and Ruby as part of their job. As a member of a back-end development team, their ultimate goal is to make better websites with improved user experiences for your customers.

Around, you will surely discover “full stack developers” who have experience in front-end and back-end web development.

Both Work Best Together

So, you need a web design firm or a web development company? Preferably, web designers and developers should be combined in the process. The result will be far better compared to mixing two quality services in one option.

This is because your site designers can focus on the user-experience components, while web team builds fully functional website based on these designs.

If you design and develop a website along with web developers and designers, then you will enjoy fewer surprises and stumbling blocks, thus achieving smoother projects finished with better results altogether.

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Differences Between Web Design & Development?

Web Designer Focus On A Website Look •
Web Developers Focus On Website Functions •
Both Work Best Together

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