How to Create Amazing Social Media Content

You will have many goals in place that you want to achieve within your online marketing agenda. You will want to boost your brand profile, generate more leads and increase conversions. Within the sphere of social media, the way to achieve the best outcome with all of your marketing targets is to create strong, relevant content. Your material needs to be kept fresh and engaging, in order to compete within this extremely competitive digital space. If you can get it right, you will increase your brand awareness, boost sales and grow your business by using social media as a marketing tool. In this article we show you how using four powerful tools can help you produce the most amazing content.

1 Creating video content with

Regardless of budget or your design skill set, you can easily create professional video content by using Animoto. This is extremely important as video is the most shared and engaged with form of content across all social media platforms. Customers find it much easier to engage with a short video summary as opposed to a lengthy blog post for example. Animoto provides tools to make sure you create slick videos and has lots of different templates for you to choose from. Some examples are:

Behind the scenes
Product or service promotion

Simply choose the best template for your content and then you can customise. There is a very simple editor making it a fool-proof option for even a first time user. You can add music to your video and even if you do not actually have any video content of your own, there is an extensive library of over a million videos, images and licensed music that you can use to create a unique video ready to share. You can share instantly via Animoto to your desired platform, including Facebook, Instagram and Youtube (14 channels available), so it really is a simple yet effective option.

2. Create images with

After video, images are the most engaged with and shared content in social media. Tweets with images as well as words will see 150% more retweets and 89% more favourites, than those without. (according to a buffer study). Luckily there are lots of options on the web to help you create fantastic images for your posts, one of which is It has over 8000 templates available so you will almost certainly find the perfect one for your content. What’s great is that these templates are grouped under the different social media channels so you will find the correct one as per the size requirements of each platform. You can also upload your own image and can edit that image very easily or add text, all with a basic free account.

3. Analyse your data with

You will need to know exactly which topics are key within your targeted audience and also which content types resonate most with them. Using allows you to find out this information so that you can create the correct content for your customers. You can search for a chosen topic, let’s say “hair extensions” and it will produce a list of posts on the subject that have seen the most social media shares over the last week, month, year, etc. You can also filter these results based on content type, word count, and even country. It will also provide you with the insight as to which platform has seen the most shares, meaning you can be guided as to where to focus most of your efforts.

You can also look into how your competitors are doing with this tool, by simply typing in their website a list of their best-performing content will appear, which again gives you more data insights to base your own approach upon.

Another great option is to look at what people have been saying about your business. If you scroll to see the mentions you can look to generate leads and sales opportunities here, or even address and customer complaints.

4. Keep up to date with industry news with

This tool can save you a lot of time by delivering a stream of the latest industry news updates in one single feed. This is really important as you need to always stay up to date with industry news – while at the same time, it’s worth keeping tabs on what your competitors are publishing and learning from their approach.

As well as being able to stay up to date with the latest news, is really useful for social media content curation. This can be made easier if you connect your feeds to Buffer, Hootsuite, Zapier, or IFTTT. You can then easily add relevant content to your social update queue.

Hopefully, with these four tools now in your arsenal, you can now make sure all of your content is amazing. They will help posts to stay relevant and they should create trust and produce interaction and engagement. Ultimately they will create results.

How to Create Amazing Social Media Content