How To Set Up Local Campaigns: Google Ads 2022

What Are Local Campaigns?

Local campaigns are to the advantage of businesses and customers. They introduce customers to the information that they need when deciding when, how and where to visit your business. Local campaigns make it easier to promote your shops across Google’s largest channels, thus helping you get more reach and exposure to your products and services.

This includes:

· Google Search Network
· Maps
· YouTube
· Google Display Network
· Gmail

Begin with adding a few lines of text, select your budget and include assets. The rest will be optimised by Google to help customers find you!

How Do Local Campaigns Work?

When creating your Local campaigns, you can simply define the shop locations that you want to promote. This is set by linking your Business Profile or choosing affiliate locations.

Google Local Ad Campaigns are focused on simplicity and can help grow your business offline by directing more buyers to visit your shops in person. Once you supply Google with company store locations, campaign budget and ad assets. Using these parameters, Google’s machine learning technology will automatically optimise bids, ad placements and asset combinations based on insights and available statistical data. Your store can be promoted across Google properties and networks, with in-store value maximization by optimising shop visits, call clicks and direction clicks.

In local campaigns, a radius targeting will also apply to a Business Profile and an affiliate local extensions (ALE) location. The radius can vary depending on the location you target, as well as a user’s preference of travel distance from them. Other factors that determine the targeted radius include population density and the existence of any competitors.

Where Do Local Ads Appear?

Through Google’s Local advertising platform, your ads will be eligible to appear across a number of channels. Reach new and different visitors across Google’s properties including:

Google Maps – Navigation ads are extremely useful ads that show information that’s relevant to your business; Promote your business to help users navigate to your business whenever they plan a visit. When customers search for your business, using Google Maps your ad will appear across multiple devices if it matches these actions to your business’s location. These matches may come from users who have some interest in and are located near your local area.

Google Search Network – Google will match your ads to the search terms that were relevant to your business and location.

YouTube – Google AdWords ads can be placed on YouTube targeting potential in-store customers.

Google Display Network –
Using Display Ads, Google will make certain that your advertisements are placed and optimised to get the most attention from potential customers.

Wrapping Up

Google Local Campaigns help you connect your ads directly to local customers, thus driving visits. You can promote your shop across various channels ensuring not to miss a potential client. If you need help setting up or optimising your Local Ad Campaigns, get in touch with a skilled Google Ad Agency such as Finsbury Media. We can help drive traffic to your site or store!

How To Set Up Local Campaigns

How Do Local Campaigns Work? •
Where Do Local Ads Appear? •
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Google Display Network

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