How To Use Asset Groups On Google Performance Max Campaigns

Google Ads is always updating its platform and features, so it’s important to stay on top of the changes. In this article, we’ll cover Google’s new feature called Asset Groups and how you can use them to improve your campaigns. You can use the Performance Max asset group to add images, videos, logos, headlines, and descriptions that will help you promote your campaign. You can set up a campaign to show your ads on different platforms, like YouTube and Gmail.

The system will automatically decide which platform has the best potential for success based on what type of channel it’s being served through in Google AdWords. Each campaign requires at least one asset group but there is a limit of 100 asset groups per campaign. Asset groups can also not be shared between campaigns.

How Do Asset Groups Work?

Asset Groups are collections of assets focused on a theme that can target audiences depending on their settings. An asset group is a crucial tool for managing your ads, and you can use it to build an inventory of all applicable ad formats.

Google Ads will help you create one asset group when building your campaign, and you can then add additional assets to that already created campaigns. Google will automatically assemble the assets in a group into all applicable ad formats for a particular goal.

If your site’s URLs are unique, you can create asset groups for each different URL. You can create as many groups as possible for the assets and themes that you want. Each group will be tailored to a different audience, so it’s easy to find the perfect one.

Building an Asset Group

The first step is setting up an asset group name to identify your asset group theme.

Then begin adding your assets related to a single theme or audience, this will include:

o Text
o Headlines
o Images
o Videos

The more assets, the better. Google Performance Max will then automatically construct these assets into appropriate ad formats for your goal and display the most relevant ad creatives in each ad.

Establishing Your Audience

What is an audience? An audience is a group of reusable and focused segments, that take advantage of Google’s demographic targeting and exclusions. Google’s algorithm, Performance Max uses the audience signal to look for new impressions with similar or stronger intent across Search, Display and YouTube. Google Performance Max uses signals from audiences as well Google’s real-time knowledge about consumers’ desires in order predicts which segments might be potential candidates for conversion opportunities.

Optimising Your Performance Max Campaign

The Performance Max campaign asset reports include a list of all assets used in the process, allowing you to see how well each asset performs. This will give your more flexibility in how your ads operate. In time, you’ll be able to make strategic decisions about your assets. For example: which ones should I rotate? Should I remove one or add more? And how to improve on this situation, so it runs better in future?”

By using this report, you’ll be able to see which assets are performing good vs great. This gives a clear indication of which ones will have the greatest impact on performance and should therefore be prioritized for future ads.

How To Access Asset Reports

Reports can seriously help you to improve campaign results. If you’re not working with a Digital Marketing Agency that can provide detailed reporting, here is how you can locate your asset report, just follow these instructions:

1. First sign in to your Google Ads account
2. Click “Campaigns” on the left page menu
3. Find and select your Performance Max Campaign
4. Select “Asset Groups”
5. Select the “View Details” option for your desired asset group.

You can use this information to your advantage by replacing low-performing assets with new assets that will likely drive better performance based on similar ones.

Final Thoughts

Performance Max is one of the ultimate solutions for marketers who are looking to grow their conversions and increase revenue. Google has combined data-driven automation technologies across bidding, targeting and creative attributions in order for you to start driving conversions.

The key to a successful campaign is setting up the right assets, testing and making improvements based on the data. The above practices will ensure you set up Performance Max campaigns to achieve true success and if you still need help get in touch with our PPC agency for all your Google Ad optimization needs.

How To Use Asset Groups On Google Ad Campaigns

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