How Do Digital Marketing and Leafleting Go Together?

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How do digital marketing and leafleting go together?

We know full well the reason leaflets are still around today, and it is because they work! By letting a leaflet distribution company design and print your leaflet, not only will you save money, but they can be designed to match and complement all of your digital marketing media.  At JogPost they have the most effective Geotech planning software to make sure all your leaflets reach the right demographics with minimal waste. There top designers know what works best, whilst still having a unique look. So make sure your marketing campaign stands out from the crowd by choosing JogPost for all your leaflet distribution needs, whether you’re looking for a leaflet distribution company in Croydon or a leaflet distribution company in Enfield we got you covered, we stretch all across London; we are even a leading leaflet distribution company in Bromley!

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With 82% of people trusting leaflets more than online print, they are still a very important part of your marketing campaign.   You can now bring your leaflets into the 21st Century with some fantastic and memorable modern digital marketing techniques. By using your phones camera, flyers and leaflets can be brought to life, in very immersive and memorable ways.

  • Use a dynamic QR code on your flyer to link directly with your webpage
  • Augmented reality on your leaflets that link with your webpages
  • Include all social media handles on your leaflets
  • Generate a campaign hashtag for both


A winning marketing formula

All leaflet delivery campaigns should complement your digital marketing and targeted web content and using specialist companies like JogPost and Finsbury Media can guarantee you a winning combination.  Using a digital marketing agency with an experienced and modern leaflet distribution company like JogPost will always be the best option for you to reach as wide an audience as possible with all the types of digital marketing they can offer; such as PPC Management and SEO Services. Another advantage of using both digital marketing and means you can consolidate your budgets for both print and digital media, which will always give you a better return on your investment.


Maximise Your Marketing

Combining leaflets and digital media to complement each other, has proven to promote trust in brands and be a winning formula.  So, by offering offline and online together, you will always increase your brand’s exposure and generate a much greater return on your investment.