Let’s Research the Most Effective Ways How to Write Highly Effective Google Ads

Google Ads is an effective tool that allows you to increase the number of conversions for your business and traffic to your website. The numbers are impressive
return on investment Google 8:1. This means that for every $1 spent, the business earns $8.

However, it must be understood that such figures are possible only with well-written ads. The headline should hook the reader, and make him go to the landing page.

It is not so easy to write such a text; it should make you choose exactly your advertisement from 9 similar ones. An algorithm for creating effective texts for Google Ads: a creative approach + knowledge of the fundamental foundations of psychology on which marketing and advertising are built.

If creativity is a sphere of talent and mastery of the word, then psychological techniques are quite specific and effective.

1. Close customer needs

The client enters a specific question in the search box, but who wants to get an equally specific answer, or comes up with a problem that needs to be solved. The ideal ad completely satisfies the needs of the client. To do this, you need to understand what the ultimate goal of the client is, and what he wants to get as a result. A user who enters “dental treatment” into a search engine is unlikely to want to end up with the actual treatment process. His goal is a beautiful smile, and healthy teeth, that’s what you need to write about.

google ad agency explains how to Write Highly Effective Google Ads

2. Find your unique offer

The lowest prices, wide range – this is what is in 9 ads out of 10, and only 1 has a unique offer. And it is this ad that will be the most clickable. For example, each model is available in three color options, or you offer Plus-size clothes. So what if competitors have everything the same, and the reader thinks that it’s only with you because you told him about it.

3. Create a sense of missed opportunity

Loss aversion or the fear of a missed opportunity is a very real psychological term and phenomenon that marketers actively use. The reception seems to have long been hackneyed, and it has long been ignored. Everyone got 50% off today only. Add a countdown timer tool to your ad. “Today” is too vague, but the kind of clock that counts down the minutes before the closing of a profitable offer works much more efficiently. This can be set up in your account using Google step-by-step instructions.

4. Speak to customers in their language

If your target audience is housewives, you don’t need to tell them about the technical device of the washing machine. The ad must be available for the instant perception of the target audience. If you had to re-read it to understand it, or if there were incomprehensible words in the title, 9 out of 10 people would not open it. Therefore, to write a competent strong headline, you need to study the target audience, its needs, and communication style well.

5. Indulge customer selfishness

Clients are all selfish, and so are we. They are not interested in what you have, what a fine fellow you are, how much you can and know how to do. They are interested in how you will be useful to them. Therefore, announcements should not be about the company, its achievements and fame, but about what the client can order, and how quickly it will be delivered or done.

For your ad to be of high quality and form a positive image, you need to avoid typos. You can always reach out to the help of essay writer that can serve you as a great assistant in order to complete this task. With the use of it your texts will look presentable and inspire confidence.

6. Contrast yourself with the leader

The leader sells a lot of affordable products at a low price. Fighting him on his field is useless. A certain number of customers sooner or later have a desire not to buy cheaply available things, but to purchase expensive exclusive goods. This needs to be played. The leader writes: “it is cheap and profitable with us, you” are expensive and in limited quantities with us. You won’t overcome the leader like that, but lure your customers, who will be more and more over time.

7. Use Your Competitors’ Keywords

To do this, they need to conduct a thorough analysis and research. Highlight which keywords competitors use most often, and which ones bring conversions. And use them in your header. In advertising, as on the battlefield, almost all means are good. Probably everyone had such a situation: you are looking for a specific product or store, and you get to the website of its competitors. This means they used the store’s keywords and were able to compose a more compelling headline.

Finally: Google Ads service is constantly growing, evolving, and changing. Some see it as an inconvenience, while others see it as an opportunity. Always keep your finger on the pulse, study changes, and turn them to your advantage.

How to Write Highly Effective Google Ads