Why Google Ads Accounts Get Suspended?

Google provides and organizes the world with accessible information. Maintaining a healthy digital advertising ecosystem requires that Google protects their users from any manipulation. Without help from a skilled Digital Marketing Agency, it can be hard for a business to navigate between the ad various guidelines.

Google’s policies are intended to provide a safe environment for users, advertisers and any third parties using Google’s network. If these rules are broken by taking inappropriate actions that put people at risk or publishing content with dangerous intentions can lead to your account getting suspended from using the Google Ads platform.

Why Does Google Suspend Accounts?

Your account could be suspended if you violate Google’s policies. The company has a strict code of conduct that it expects everyone to follow, and accounts will automatically get shut down when they detect any violations. Google takes the matter of complying with policies very seriously. They will provide an outline of the nature of the policy violation and any corrective action that can be taken. Certain policy violations can lead to account termination immediately without any prior notification.

An egregious violation of the Google Ads policies is a violation so serious that it is unlawful or poses significant harm to users or its advertising platform. Egregious violations often reflect that the advertiser’s overall business does not adhere closely enough to Google policies or there was a severe instance in particular, where it was too much risk for future exposure given how unique each user experience can potentially become on the Google Ads platform based off certain decisions made during setup process related specifically around what types of websites/content gets associated directly under their account name while signing up.

Which Policies Are Considered Egregious?

· Any unacceptable business practices
· Trade Sanctions violation
· Sexually explicit content
· Circumventing systems
· Deceptive practices
· Counterfeit goods or software
· Promotion of unauthorised pharmacies & drugs
· Weapons

Billing & Payment Issues Suspensions

· Promotional code abuse
· Chargeback
· Suspicious payment activity
· Unpaid balance

How Does Google Detect Violations?

To make sure Google Ads are being used in a manner consistent with their policies, both automated and human evaluation is used. Reviewing the information from your ads, accounts, content user complaints and more.

How Do I Appeal My Suspension?

Google wants to make sure that every advertiser has a positive PPC experience, so if you believe there’s been an error and it isn’t your policy-based violation you can submit an appeal. When you’re ready to file an appeal, click the ‘Contact Us’ link and it will take you through a simple appeal form process. You can find out why you were suspended, and the steps to take for an appeal. Once your appeal is evaluated, you will receive an email with the outcome. If your appeal is rejected, you can re-appeal following the same procedure summarised above.

Wrapping Up

You can be assured that if you work with an experienced PPC agency, they will keep your Google account safe. At Finsbury Media, we know the trends and rules, guaranteed to keep your account out of trouble. Get in touch with us today and watch your business start to grow.

Why Google Ads Accounts Get Suspended?

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