What Are Google’s Performance Max Campaigns?

Google has recently announced new updates and plans to roll out its Performance Max Campaigns. When we look at Google’s new Performance Max AdWords campaign, there are many questions about Performance Max itself and how it will compare to other types of AdWords campaigns.

In this article, we have listed all information we know about Google’s Performance Max campaigns in detail, the major differences of the performance campaign and some stats on performance results!

What Exactly Is Google Performance Max?

The main difference from other Google AdWords campaign creation tools is that Performance Max perfects automatic targeting and delivery based on the advertiser’s information provided, catering to one’s specific needs. This can be optimised even further with help from a skilled Google AdWords Agency.

Performance Max is an automated campaign function, similar in function to Smart Campaigns yet with its own differences. Google has incorporated some automation techniques for the ad creation process but only based on data provided by advertisement publishers. Constructed comparable to how responsive display ads work.

Performance Max also has some similarities with social marketing campaigns, in the sense that both deliver dynamic ad campaigns across multiple placements. Another thing is that performance reporting is limited by measuring audiences and placements.

Performance Max Campaigns can serve in any of the placements, such as:

· Search
· Display
· YouTube
· Gmail
· Discovery Campaigns

What Are The Features Of Performance Max Campaigns?

When creating a Performance Max campaign, you can choose the objective you want to achieve. Depending on your exact goals, you have the ability to link store locations and product feeds.

Next, you can set up a budget and follow that value by how much you plan to bid. You can also choose various bids, including max conversions and max value according to the goal of your campaign. You can also set a max CPA or a target value/sales conversion, leveraging CPA and ROAS for maximum performance.

Once budgeting is set you must select your locations. At the moment, Google Ads editor is not currently supporting Performance Max. If you want to set up a more targeted campaign, the process is more tedious than other campaigns which only need a quick setup.

If you have multiple locations to include in your campaign, clicking on “enter another location” will then expand and give you a blank space to show an “advanced search” link. When you click the advanced search link, an automatic bulk location import option is provided. So you can import a batch of locations in bulk depending on your objectives.

Finally, you can begin managing the languages you choose, your ad schedule and campaign run dates; everything is down to you.

Performance Max Campaigns Conclusion:

With Performance Max Campaigns, you can access all of your ads for one campaign which will help you drive the performance based on your specific conversion goals.

Once you’ve added your unique objectives such as budget and conversions, Google Ads automation will find and serve the most appropriate ad to your potential customers based on your specific goals.

Depending on your business objectives Performance Max Campaigns can seriously grow your business. Get in touch with Finsbury Media and our skilled PPC experts to take your Google ad strategy to the next level and boost your sales in 2022!

What Are Google’s Performance Max Campaigns

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